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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. 34-57F, snow still in the shadows. Looks like a warmer week ahead, we even sat outside to catch a few warm rays yesterday, making up for time spent in Covid isolation. Tested negative, so we’re going to coffee group today. January is almost at the end, amen.
Enjoy your day, hug a pet. Get better, Harry. Sounds like you’re slowly healing 😀.
49 on its way to 65 but I dont believe that. It never reached its high yesterday. Harry might have warmer temps than me? 4 lawns today and have to pick up some bamboo poles from a buddy for a blind around the wifes work out spot in the yard. She has this swing thing she flips around and hangs upside down, its actually pretty cool. Have a great day and good morning.
Good morning. It's 35F on its way to 55F .... not warmer than Sic! It's muddy mess out here in "country". I'm still on the road to recovery. Just me and the cats .... doing OK. I might venture out to the grocery store this AM. Still taking it easy. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's mostly sunny and 28F, on its way to 45F. I think I'm colder than everybody today, lol. Need to get a couple more seed requests in the mail, then I'm not sure what's on tap. I'm sure something will pop up. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there and think warm thoughts.
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Good morning. Another day close to 60F. We saw a menagerie of winter, summer outfits on the shoppers at WalMart yesterday. It’s not that warm yet, ye wishful thinkers. We stopped by the CG as someone had left a few bags of leaves for us - we tossed them over the fence to deal with later. Nothing much planned for this gorgeous day.
Enjoy your day. Stay healthy as Spring is slowly on its way.
Bike ride this morning when it warms up a bit. wife and i are doing a walmart run first thing, beat the zombies. Guitar this afternoon. Thats my big day, could be worse. Wifes nephew that got into a drunken wreck 6 months ago killing his best friend and breaking his girlfriends back tried to kill himself a couple days ago and is in the hospital. Took 90 pills and drank a bottle of nyquil. He was found with a note. Crazy! Yall be good and have a great day. Good morning.
Good morning. It's 31F on its way to 64F. Should be a beautiful day. I'm feeling better and am well down the road to recovery now. That RSV sh*t hit me worse than the COVID. @ Sic .... re: your wife's nephew .... really sad. I'll check to see what's going on at the office this morning. This afternoon I'd like to get out and take a mud walk. That's about it. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's overcast and 34F, on its way to 44F. Calling for snow/rain this morning, but it's still dry out there. I guess something is on the way. Need to run a couple of errands today, regardless of the weather. Then, home and chill. Sorry to hear about the nephew Sic. I agree with Harry, very sad indeed. Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe out there and hug a loved one.
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Good morning. 34-60F, a warm(er) good bye to January. So sad to hear about the nephew, Sic. 🙏 he will find a good place to recover.
Coffee group, nothing much on the schedule. Glad Harry is feeling much better.
Enjoy your day as best you can. Stay positive and know there are people who can help when you need them.
Good morning. It's 46F on its way to 67F. Another fantastic day. I don't care about what Phil the ground hog has to say about the WX. Feeling much better .... finally. Today, I'm going to do some office work then I'm going to break down some boxes that have been stacking up and will haul them to them to burn pile. After that I'm going to make a run to the grocery store. Probably do some mud walking later on :). Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 35F, on its way to 54F. Not quite shorts weather, but I'll take it. Probably futz around outside a bit. Need to make a run down to the compost pile, then check out the garden and marvel at all the cleanup work I didn't do last Fall. Sounds like everybody is on the mend - excellent! Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there and start thinking about those grow lists!
Good morning. It's 50F on its way to 68F. Almost like Dade City! Phil the ground hog did not see his shadow ..... supposedly we're getting an early spring .... I don't believe him. The vacationers are coming back this evening. I'll be making sure all is in order before they get back home. Nothing else is going on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's overcast, raining, and 46F, on its way to 48F. Supposed to clear off and maybe a little sun by EOD. Kinda blah day out there. Same way in here, ha. Not much planned for today. Need to pack a few things for an overnighter Saturday. Then, probably just chill a bit. Hope everybody has a freaky good Friday. Be safe out there and y'all be sure to enjoy those warm temperatures.
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Good morning. 34-48F, cloudy just waiting for the rain and snow to follow. Coffee group, a run to the grocery store, then a quick check on what needs to be done to clean up my garden mess in the basement.
Have a great day, rain or shine. We need the moisture but hopefully not as much rain as CA. Happy Groundhog Day.
Good Morning and Happy Groundhog Day. We were 30 degrees above average and in the 70s yesterday. This might be the first time I’ve ever completed my post-winter deck and patio power washing responsibilities so early in the year. Yesterday was extremely productive outdoors.

Today I finished my pepper transplants and now I will be spending some time on another hobby that is best conducted outdoors….coffee roasting. I haven’t touched my coffee roasting equipment in years, so I’ll be drinking some bitter coffee until I get that process dialed in again.
Also ordered a food mill that’s arriving today to remove skins and seeds from peppers. I plan to buy some Fresno peppers or jalapeño peppers and make my first attempt at homemade hot sauce. I’d rather experiment on cheap bulk peppers so that I’m ready when my harvest comes in.

Wishing everyone a great Friday!
Supposed to be getting it good the next little bit, we will see how the morning looks.