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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. Snow through the night, but nothing like the last storm. Nothing has been plowed or shoveled around here yet so nothing gets done - yet. Nice to hear Downriver’s garden is getting some attention. It was nice to dig in the dirt while it lasted.
Have a wonderful Monday. Stay happy, safe, and healthy. Remember those less fortunate.
Good morning. 16-40F, where did Spring go? Yesterday’s outing to do errands took a bit longer as we saw a few crashes in the neighborhood. It must have been icy early in the AM as we saw 2 cars had gone through a wooden fence and into the yard. Meeting and groceries today, nothing pressing.
Have a wonderful day. Enjoy Mother Nature and her beauty. Stay healthy.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 36F, on its way to 62F. Picked up sticks and branches yesterday. The new little trailer came in handy. My back is killing me this morning. Bought a shed-in-a-box type shed over the Holidays, to put down by the garden. Will use it for garden/planting stuff - walk-behind tiller, potting supplies, hand tools, irrigation stuff, etc. It's mainly for convenience. Might haul the boxes down to the garden, to begin the build process. Maybe at least try to get the instructions out of the box, such as they probably are, to get an idea of what's ahead. First thing will be to design and build the floor. Something to look forward to, ha. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there and have a great day.

Didn’t sleep a wink last night. My cousin who is like my brother, I talk to everyday, hadn’t returned any of my calls since Saturday morning. They found him dead yesterday morning in his apartment. Very sad day today knowing he won’t be saying good morning to me anymore.

Stay safe, show gratitude and take nothing for granted. You never know if you or a loved one will be departing this world today. Hopefully NOT!

Sorry for the grim news. Take care.
Good morning. It's 26F on its way to 53F. It's supposed to be a cold bluebird sunny day. Not doing much of anything today. Got wore out from going to the office yesterday. I do not miss the traffic! It took me an hour to commute (each way) and the office is only 35 miles away. It was good to see some of my old co-workers and to see many new faces. Nice to see they remodeled the office a bit too. I need to make a run to the beer store sometime today. Nothing going on in the garden or the seedling room today. Tomorrow the WX should be much warmer and I'm planning on making multiple runs to the nursery for raised bed mix for the garden beds and pea gravel for the landscaping around the house. I also need some fill dirt for an area where I had a water line leak awhile back. I'm hopeful that my helper might have a sensible moment of ambition and show up (not holding my breath on that one) to help me with all heavy lifting. Burritos this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's overcast with rain, 46F on its way to 57F. Occasional rain and drizzle is the forecast. Looks like a day to spend inside. Started planting tomato seeds yesterday. Will finish today. Peppers are up and looking ok. Sorry for your loss, Chuck. Condolences to your family.🙏 Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe out there and don't play in puddles.
Good morning. 27-48F, with the home garden totally mud. Birthday coffee for one of the group, I’m bringing cookies for dessert. I hope to fill a tray or 2 for seeding tomatoes this weekend. The swap seeds have not appeared yet, so this year will be similar to previous ones. I just hope some of the seeds are viable.
So sorry about the loss of family, Chuck. A big chunk of your life has gone. Prayers for your family and his.
Have a warming day, keeping loved ones close. Stay healthy and make someone’s day a bit brighter.
Afternoon everyone, a very cold, wet day and it was only last week I was in shorts and enjoying the sunshine.
Ahhh well it aint summer yet by any means.
Not much planned for today except cake baking for the charity shop.
Sorry to hear of your loss Chuck xxxx

Have a good Wednesday people and smile :D
Good morning. Still waiting for the sun to crest the ridge, but its 47F, on its way to 55F. Calling for mostly cloudy, so it will be a cool 55F. Ran a few errands yesterday, including a dump run. Still have a few more errands to run today, including grocery. Then, home and futz. Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there and enjoy your day.
Good morning. It's 36F on its way to 68F. Should be a fabulous day. Got a lot of outdoor garden work ahead of me for today ..... so I better get started. Nothing much else is going on. Grilling sausages this evening. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Craig called from hospital yesterday and talked for a few minutes. Spirits were high but he is not doing good, was nice to talk though. Probably just chilling for the most part today and playing guitar. I do have a few errands and we are going on a walk soon. Bought a 1995 Larrivee yesterday that is pretty amazing. Ill post a pic once i get it all cleaned and new strings. Have a great day and good morning.
I have to go and mow and check a few lawns. Mowing our property also. Sonya is going downtown with a couple friends to walk around and window shop. Playing guitar this afternoon. The new guitar is amazing and is glad to be home. Have a great day and good morning.
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Good morning. It's sunny and 45F on its way to 60F. Should be a pretty day, but there's a Wind Advisory in effect. That will make it a bit cooler. Got all the errands done yesterday, so hope to spend some time outside. Lots of things need doing out there, lol. Nice guitar Sic. Hope everybody has a freaky good Friday. Be safe out there and try to stay ahead. 🙂
Good morning. It's 53F on its way to 76F. Windy and warm. Heading to the nursery for another couple truckloads of raised bed mix. My helper is supposed to be here by the time I arrive back here with truckload #1. Hopeful to be done with all the garden prep by mid-afternoon. My wife has a couple more rows to weed and then she'll be done with her part of the garden prep. After that, I'm doing nothing. Our grand-daughter and grandson will be here after school. Grilling burgers this evening. Cool guitar Sic. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.