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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. Sunny and cool, great for working outside after coffee group. We spent about 3 hours cleaning up the garden, fallen branches from the heavy snow, and still more to do. The snow is still lingering near the house so those areas will have to wait.
Very nice guitar, Sic. We’re waiting for an audio . . .
I hope your Friday goes well. It sounds like we will be busy getting ready for summer. Stay safe and healthy.
Afternoon all - rain rain rain I am so over this bloody weather.
Yesterday I went to Bordeaux with friends, had a great lunch in a massive Asian supermarket, lots of shopping was done and then we went to see the Bassin de lumiere, which was fabulous.
Having a quiet, resting day today cos I'm knackered from all the excitement.
Have a good Good Friday - keep warm, dry and smile :D

Nice geetar Sic
Happy Saturday morning! It's cloudy and 32F, on its way to 68F. Nice and warm, but they're calling for it to be cloudy all day, with a few showers this afternoon. The wind was brutal yesterday. Couldn't do anything outside. Hopefully, I can get some things done out there today before it rains. I also need to start thinking about potting up some peppers. Maybe I'll get those pots prepped as well. Hope everybody enjoys their day. Be safe out there.
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Good morning. It's 45F on its way to 71F. The summer garden prep is done and the garden has been weeded ..... my back is feeling it. Watching the matches this morning and then replacing a few 2x6s on some of our older raised beds. BBQ this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. 32-58F, a nice Spring day. Getting ready to plant tomato and a couple of flower seeds though the weeding is on hold until my achy muscles recover. Hubby is giving blood, then we’re off to the mall. It should be a pretty quiet day.
Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe and healthy.
Morning chickens - Happy Easter, have a great time whatever you do.
Of course it's raining today and we've a fierce storm forecast for tomorrow - I shall be outside holding onto my greenhouse.
Nothing planned for today except eating and napping - bliss :D
Have a peaceful Sunday - keep warm, dry and smile and eat chocolate
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Good morning and Happy Easter. It's 58F on its way to 80F. Hot, lots of clouds, breezy and T-Storms later on. Just checked on the plants in the seedling room. You can almost see the tomato plants growing ..... they grow soooo fast! Watching the morning matches and then heading outside. No big Easter meal today as the kids and kiddos must have better offers than coming down here. Grilling some salmon tonight. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning and happy Easter. We’re meeting the kids at the casino for a great Easter buffet. Hopefully most people will be at home with their families and it won’t be too crowded.
I finally have all the tomato seeds chosen and will be ready to plant tomorrow. Four will be experiments.
Nice weather for a bit with WX saying rain turning into snow later tonight. Just what we need as all the snow has finally melted.
Have a wonderful holiday time with friends, family, or the TV. Stay healthy. Prayers for Sic’s friend Craig.
Good morning and Happy Easter! It's partly sunny and 54F, on its way to 64F. Got tomato seeds planted yesterday. There's still a few old varieties that I need to find the seeds for. Need to replenish seed stock. Today will be cooking Easter dinner, then taking it over to Mom's. The typical ham, potato salad, green beans type dinner. It's one of her favorites. Hope everybody has a wonderful Easter. Be safe out there and eat a chocolate bunny!
Ive already washed mowers and work truck with a couple other chores sprinkled in. Sonya has been washing the inside of van and getting it ready for Friday. We are going to Spring Hill to stay the night at friends and its way easier and nice to have our own little rolling room. Home boy ordered a original Nintendo and we are already talking trash about whos better at Tecmo Bowl and decided we should have a old school nintendo sleep over,lol. The girls can be bored just like the old days,lol. Have a great day and good morning.
Good morning. It's 66F on its way to 76F. Warm, cloudy and humid. We're supposed to get some convective activity this afternoon with severe T-Storms after 1600. Probably make one more trip to the nursery today for one last truckload of raised bed mix. Grilling shrimp this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's overcast and 51F, on its way to 70F. Calling for periods of rain and a thunderstorm. Looks like an inside day. Just as well. I'm still full from Easter dinner, lol. Maybe I'll look for those long-lost tomato seeds, ha. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there and don't forget the umbrella.
Good morning.

Taking the truck over to get alignment. Riding bike back home. The exercise will be good.
Parent teachers meeting today. Been raining the past few days. At least it’s not snow. Mowed the lawn edged and fertilized the other day. So rain is good.

Sorry to hear about the guitar Sic. Hope you get it figured out. Have a safe trip. Have fun with the NES. Dont forget to blow the cartridge out when things go haywire. lol Inguess it’s payback for when Sonya has girls night and your kicked to the curb. Lol

Have a good day y’all
Afternoon all, I'm here.
It's been a wild and stormy day so far, keeping a close eye on the greenhouse.
I'm dying to get out and plant more seeds but the weather is just doing it's thang :lol:
Have a good Easter Monday, least it's a day off for me!
Keep warm, dry and smile :D
Good morning. It's 42F on its way to 56F. Frigid and rainy. Staying indoors today. I've got meetings starting at 0800 for a couple of hours and then probably futzing this afternoon. Crab cakes this evening. Be safe and be good.