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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. It's 77F on its way to 92F. Breezy and warm. Rain tonight and tomorrow morning. We need it. Running some errands and then stopping for lunch (I've got a hankerin' for chicken livers). No garden activities scheduled for today. Futzing this afternoon. I'll be grilling green chili cheese burgers this evening as well. Beverages will be flowing. Be safe and be good.
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Good morning and Happy Father's Day. It's 75F on its way to 94F. Maybe a few storms this morning .... otherwise windy and hot. Waiting until it dries out a bit and then mowing. Not much else is going on today. Probably just some futzing. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning and happy Father’s Day to all you dads. Another hot June day ahead, in the high 90’s. CG to meet someone, Sunday doings, then celebrate the holiday with family. It looks like a busy but quiet day.
Have a great day with family or friends. Take time for yourself and pets.
Good morning. It's 78F on its way to 93F. Mostly sunny, windy, humid and very warm. Trimming this morning. Probably do some garden weeding too. I might harvest the onions .... they're the size of baseballs. Futzing and sitting in the pool this afternoon. Maybe a haircut. Chipotle chicken this evening. Beverages too. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 77F, on its way to 90F (rf 98F). WX guessers say it's the beginning of an extended heat wave. Oh, Boy!! Back from the BBQ event. Won't be cooking BBQ anytime soon. I got my fill, lol. Today, I need to water the garden, and maybe work on the 20%. Probably not for too long though, with the forecasted heat. Then, I'll probably do a little futzing. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there and drink plenty of water.
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Good morning. WX says a high of 94 here - maybe later. It’s cloudy and 58. Finished working at the CG, breakfast, errands, then weeding at home. Nice temps to weed in.
I hope you all had a great Father’s Day.
Enjoy today, take time for Mother Nature’s beauty. Enjoy the weather.
Good morning. We were rudely awakened by the smoke alarm about 5am, with no clue why it went off (again and again). Maybe it needs new batteries? At least it works!
Cooler day to enjoy weeding, then the heat returns. WX says rain this week - hopefully no hail. Maybe we got enough last year.
Have a wonderful day. Enjoy Mother Nature and her changing seasons.
Good morning. It's 78F on its way to 92F. Partly sunny, windy, warm and humid. Yesterday, trimmed and after that, harvested onions. Set the trellis' for the cucumbers. While I was out there, I noticed (2) nice zucchini fruit that should be ready by Friday (seems early). The blackberries have turned red .... They'll be ripe soon. Still have a few weeds to pull out in the garden. Nothing much is going on today. Maybe a little office work but mostly futzing. Enchiladas and beverages this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 78F, on its way to 91F (rf 101). Another sticky one. Probably worked in the garden too long yesterday, but I paced myself. Watered everything, then worked on that 20%. Now, we're down to 15%, lol. Probably work on that 15% some this AM, then cut some grass this afternoon. We'll see. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. It looks like most of us are in the 90's today. Be safe out there, and definitely stay hydrated.
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Who asked for all that wet-ness? Schools closed... For the first time in for more than over a year, midday temperatures dropped below 30º.
Good morning and Happy Birthday to Sonya 🥳.
We got a touch of rain last night and high temp near 70F, no hail. That won’t last of course. Our WX guy explained that our hail has a hard, dense core that causes more damage than lower elevations. Just keep it away from here.
CG soon to meet up w/2 people. One is a gardener there who got a good deal on squash - he wants to plant all 14 of them in a smaller space. 14 squash (!?). We will see.
Have a wonderful day. Stay cool and hydrated.
Good morning and Happy June Teenth! I think I'll take the day off :party:. It's 72F on its way to 87F. Cloudy .... maybe some rain. 14 squash plants .... he must be starting a farm stand .... better have a huge area :crazy:! For comparison, I have (2) summer squash plants in an 8'x8' raised bed and we will barely be able to keep ahead of the fruits. Probably just regular futzing today .... nothing serious like Sic. I have a match up in KC tonight. Probably indulge in a few beverages. Have a great day, be safe and be good.
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Good morning. It's sunny and 73F, on its way to 90F. The heatwave continues, with several more days to go. Finally able to get corn in the ground yesterday. It's late to be planting corn, but it's an early variety, so it should work out. Whittled that 15% down to 10% as well. Now I'm 90% done. That sounds better, lol. Also sprayed a poison ivy patch with a recommended "homemade" solution. Vinegar, salt, and soap. I see a little wilting, but nothing exciting. I'll give it more time. Need to water today, and work on that last 10%, ha. Fourteen squash plants? Must have a market stand, lol. I don't start squash until July 1st, to miss the squash vine borer cycle. It has worked pretty well in past years, and we still get plenty of squash for the season. Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe out there and respect the heat.
Good afternoon! The 14 squash plants were ‘whittled’ down to 10, with 6 eggplant. He has room for the eggplants, so after much discussion, he hoed up a row of sporadic spinach for 6 zucchini, then put the 4 yellow squash near the beets. This is his 2nd year as a gardener. We have much to learn 😎.
Good morning. Much warmer than the 2 comfortable days we just had. Summer will soon be here to stay. Nothing much on today’s agenda so the weeds will get another look at. A landscape guy will probably be doing some re-building of the property between a neighbor and us. Not looking forward to that.
Have a great Thursday. Hug your pets, keep them spoiled. Enjoy this beautiful day.