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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. It's 62F on its way to 85F. Cloudy. Starting tomorrow, we will be at 90+ for the foreseeable future. Yesterday, filled the kiddo's pool, got the irrigation system installed in the garden and got 80% of the garden weeded. Today, it's weeding the remaining 20% of the garden and then finally getting to the trimming. Before any of that, I need to run a few errands. Grilling burgers tonight. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. 59-85F and sunny. A quick storm came through at 10pm last night giving us 15 minutes of rain. We’ll take it. Today I have 2 meetings, bring hubby to have the oil changed in his car - he has to leave the car for ‘hours’ for the simple maintenance. Then I can work on irises at home plus weeding. Busy day after the rain.
Have a terrific Tuesday. Summer and the bugs have truly arrived. Stay hydrated.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 58F, on its way to 74F. Calling for a mix of clouds and sunshine. Sounds like a great day to till, ha. Harry, the only cow showing up around here is the one going into the freezer, lol. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there and be careful in all that heat. Drink!
Morning all - Hump Day is here - seems to be coming round faster and faster these days
Another sunny day - though rain is forecast for Friday, have to say we could do with a sprinkling
Been out hoe-hoe-hoeing and planting another couple of toms and peppers out, finish the rest tomorrow a.m. then it's just the pots outside that need doing.
Have a good Wednesday - keep cool, dry, and smile :D
Good morning. It's sunny and 57F, on its way to 80F. Calling for partly sunny. Yesterday, found several of the bean sprouts pulled up and broken. Stupid crows at work...again. I always forget about their shenanigans, until they remind me each year. Spent some time covering the rows with Remay. I'll leave that on for a few weeks, until the seedlings are tall enough not to interest the vandals anymore. Took a couple swipes with the tiller on that 25%, as well. Might go down this morning and build a row or two. Dr's appointment this afternoon. Congrats on the rain, Sic. Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe out there and perhaps build a scarecrow? lol.
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Good morning. It's 66F on its way to 91F. Sunny. Finally got the trimming done just in time to mow again (today). I was out in the garden (weeding) and noticed several cubanelle pods that are approaching 6". I expect they'll be ready to harvest soon. Those are awesome fire grilled. Saw a bald eagle yesterday. It must be local and non-migratory (or it would already be up in Canada). Also saw a swarm of honey bees airborne. Never seen them in flight in such a large mass. Came right through the backyard and the buzzing was really loud .... looked like they were headed for the hedge row on the north side of my property. That's about it. Nothing too exciting going on. I have no idea what my wife has going on menu wise today. Beverages after mowing. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It’s supposed to close to 95F this afternoon so I’m up early at the CH trying to get stuff done. All is watered, much weeded, and now to finish the scapes. I’m sure I’ll smell heavenly at coffee group!
Have a wonderful Wednesday. Feed the birds, the bees, and all of Morher Nature’s beauty.
Good morning. It's sunny and 60F, on its way to 87F (rf 92F). Hot and sticky. I guess that Central Zone heat is moving East. 🙁 Didn't do any work on the 25% yesterday. Maybe today. Need to start prepping for a BBQ comp this weekend. Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there and don't ignore the heat.
Good morning. It's 75F on its way to 96F. Partly sunny, breezy and hot. We're under a heat advisory until tonight. Strong T-storms are forecasted for early this evening. Mowed yesterday and finished weeding the garden. I've still got that iris bed cleanup job ahead of me but I'm definitely not working on it today. Probably sit in the pool this afternoon. Got to keep an eye on the pets today with all this heat. Definitely a day for the short pants and flip flops.

DR: The Lenexa BBQ is coming up on the 21st-22nd .... that's really the start of the competitive BBQ season around here. It's the Kansas State Championship .... Kansas City BBQ Society rules. There will be 150+ teams there from all over the world. I don't compete in it anymore but I have a buddy who's still into it and I'll go out to visit him and team. Fun times. From what I can remember, the Grand Champion qualifies for the American Royal. Grilling hot links this evening. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
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Good morning. Been long enough. Figured I would make an appearance. Nothing new. Have maybe 20 peppers going and like 8 Tomatillos. Been trying to get into a community garden for a few years and no openings. I have a patch I t he side yard I can’t keep the grass alive. I plan on tilling and making my own community garden. Maybe a few neighbors would like to plant something. Need to fence it in so people don’t steal.

Have a good day you all and stay cool out there
Good morning and Happy Flag Day. It's 80F on its way to 90F. Humid and partly cloudy. The WX guessers swung-n-missed on our storms last night. Those storms were predicted along with statements of impending disaster and doom. Ridiculous. Something about not "busting through the cap" is why the storms didn't happen. Anyway, we got nothing. We could use some rain. I've got a couple of meetings later on this morning and then I'm futzing. The garden is looking great. We're in the waiting for harvest mode. Grilling some chicken this evening. Beverages too. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 72F, on its way to 89F. Calling it the hottest day of the year. Strong T-storms possible this afternoon, and I'll be driving right at them, ugh. That 25% has been a challenge Sic, but it's only 20% now, ha. We're loading up and heading out this morning to the BBQ comp. First one I've actually judged since before Covid. This one is the WV state championship, Harry. It's a small contest, but the winner still gets invited to the American Royal Invitational and gets a bung entered into the Jack Daniel's Championship lottery draw. I haven't made it to Lanexa yet, but it's on the futures list. I've heard it's a great contest. There's another contest out your way, called Made for KC BBQ Championship. Winner gets $25k and a 1-year license to be head pitmaster at Made of KC BBQ Experience restaurant at the KCI airport. Friends of ours won last year, and are now set up and running it (for the rest of 2024). So, if you find yourself in the new terminal at KCI, swing by and give it a taste. Josh is an excellent pitmaster.

O.G. Bandits
Good morning. CG is watered and now to fertilize. Yesterday’s temp of 99 at our house was unbearable. Today the WX has predicted storms that will probably go elsewhere. At least it’s cooled down a bit. I covered the beans and cukes just in case. Last year the hail did them in 3x.
Have a great Friday and weekend. Enjoy Mother Nature and all the pollinators.
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Good morning. Yesterday was a bit cooler but the warmer temps are back for the weekend. Little rain, but no hail here. Birthday gathering after garden chores, then burgers on the grill tonight. Pretty quiet weekend.
Have a great Saturday. Take time for yourself and pets.