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Guru's Garden - Traveling the World in Search of Peppers

Just starting this glog now so it's one less thing to do in a few months when I'm knee deep in compost and getting things in the ground.
Not much to report at the moment. Strains yet to be determined, but I'll probably end up growing too many like always...lol
Only thing that's going on right now is a clean back patio and the chickens doing their part turning over my compost pile on the daily. Intersted in seeing how the soil microbes appreciate the added chicken poop!


Hope everyone has had a decent winter so far and here's to happy germination!

EDIT UPDATE: This glog has turned into an ongoing overwintering, greenhouse and soil building how-to!
About these snitches...
You know how the rhyme goes...
And we have the zebra muscles rapidly approaching here too. And I think I remember them saying they were gonna spend a ton of money to remove the milfoil from the lake here. Seems like the government liles to focus more on stuff that makes them money than they do spend it to prevent something
Pepper-Guru said:
Some botanists that consider it taboo. In some way they feel the endemic heritage is being exploited or endangered somehow. I'm told they all do it but never speak of it.
Yeah right, "in the name of science" they'll argue... Working with botanist from time to time (mainly doing floristic inventory + wetland deliniation for a living), I can assure you that some of them are doing so for their own purposes when they found something new or rare. We all agree that introducing a specie into a new environement may some times cause unsuspected and undesired results but in the other hand, I don't hear them (botanist) protest much against garden centres and nurseries that mostly sells, exotics, and hydrids!!  
Pepper-Guru said:
Bonchi is just a scarlett's chili pheno I was gifted, and the F2 seedling is one of the darkest of the F2 so far of "VSRP" by breeder Eric Knight, which is simply Scarlett x Sugar Rush Peach. 
I read the Pepper Joe's blurb about the
Scarlett - sounds like an awesome pepper
in it's own right. I'll be following the progress
of the cross!
Pepper-Guru said:
I knew I had arrived too soon! Next time will be different! 
Almost makes me want to go back now..so many towns I didn't get to check out. 
Right on, Rich. A trip like that requires at least
several weeks to a month to do it justice.
You only live once, brother!