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Just starting this glog now so it's one less thing to do in a few months when I'm knee deep in compost and getting things in the ground.
Not much to report at the moment. Strains yet to be determined, but I'll probably end up growing too many like always...lol
Only thing that's going on right now is a clean back patio and the chickens doing their part turning over my compost pile on the daily. Intersted in seeing how the soil microbes appreciate the added chicken poop!


Hope everyone has had a decent winter so far and here's to happy germination!

EDIT UPDATE: This glog has turned into an ongoing overwintering, greenhouse and soil building how-to!
D3monic said:
for indoors I kill everything. Can't risk fungus gnats. bucket tek my soil to kill the eggs. 
While I wouldn't advise attempting germination in my living container soils (seeds and embryos will certainly be eaten by critters), once I have successful germination (cotyledons up) and immediately transplant them, fungus gnats or their larvae generally aren't capable of hurting living seedling material or roots. 
If your living soil is right, there are critters that eat fungus gnat larvae as well. 
Granted, I made this meme with more mature and permanent plant containers in mind. I wouldn't advise trying to germinate in it. Soiless, sterile medium for the germination. Stinky, dank, living, crawling soil for the plants to grow in :)