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Just starting this glog now so it's one less thing to do in a few months when I'm knee deep in compost and getting things in the ground.
Not much to report at the moment. Strains yet to be determined, but I'll probably end up growing too many like always...lol
Only thing that's going on right now is a clean back patio and the chickens doing their part turning over my compost pile on the daily. Intersted in seeing how the soil microbes appreciate the added chicken poop!


Hope everyone has had a decent winter so far and here's to happy germination!

EDIT UPDATE: This glog has turned into an ongoing overwintering, greenhouse and soil building how-to!
Wouldn't the nematodes get the replacement plant too since they're in the soil?
No, no. This entire plant and container was placed in quarantine. The replacement plant got an entirely new container, with new soil, new mulch layer, new drip ring array, new cage, new tag. Just like nothing ever happened. In three weeks it will damn near catch up to everyone else.
@Pepper-Guru Barry definitely looks promising Rich. Beautiful pod.
He definitely got my vote with this one. It’s way too hot but DAMN it tastes good.


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Some really great variation in the F2 here from breeder Eric Knight.

C annuum Variegata x C baccatum Sugar Rush Peach - 'VSRP' F2









What a beautiful plant!
Definitely C frutescens hemerophiles, road side trail side etc... I'm sure most domesticated species have made it there by now. Only thing semi wild will be those C frutescens, obviously not endemic but still cool
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