event Jungle Jim's 2rd Annual Weekend of Fire

Yeah, I really don't expect any updates until after...
I just got back home from the WOF. WOW ! I ate ALOT of samples. I brought home enough DEFCON sauces to last a year ! John @ DEFCON let me try his DM MK II sauce, outstanding. No chemical burn like some of the "altered" sauces out there.

He also let me have a look at his DEFCON 0. I got a little on my finger, and, well, I had to lick it off. Good stuff ! It had great hang time.

He told me that tonight's deathmatch was going to be off the hook. Too bad I couldn't hang around to witness it myself. He (and others) promised a online video ASAP.

I predict alot of "reverse eating" going on tonight !

I am growing Nagas this year for the first time. I got multiple naga hot sauce samples today. Very distinct taste.

I finaly met some of the people from here today. Good guys....

Good time, I will be back next year................
Holy Crap!!!!!!

How did I miss this thread. I used to live in Forest Park, and worked at the Showcase Cinemas on rt 4 just south of JJ's. Never knew what it really was as I drove by, just recall it as a small farmer's market; a teenage perspective, could have been a huge farm. I was too busy chasing the ladies to appreciate it. Damn, it's been 21 years......Bob Evans, Skyline, Sheraton Hotel for the prom, Pizza Hut, doing a 140mph in a 1969 396CID SS Impala, and it taking the cop 2 mins to catch up after pullin over.

Cop: How fast were you going?

Response: 45

Cop: Thats a Damn lie..... I was goin a HUNDRED, and I wasn't even comin close to ya.

Route 4 memories

sorry 4 the hijack - gettin a little misty eyedpee
I wanted to go to JJs again this year, but couldn't. I'm pissed. I just ran out of my bottle of Death Rain Nitro powder. I am 100% addicted to that stuff for some reason and it can't be bought in Michigan. :( JJ's has a great price on it too!

I had a blast at the show meeting and greeting so many chileheads and trying to help hawk hot sauces for charity and some limited edition bottles that we had at the table. Some many delicious sauces to sample. Cajun Island products have 3 awesome sauces- teriyaki, Blackened sauce, and their new jerk sauce. All great, and my new favorite at the event. I also enjoyed sampling all the unique products from the upstart companies "The Sauce Cartel", "Bisummo" and Intensity Academy which have new products that were awesome. The veterans like CaJohn introduced their new sausages, one of which was a jolokia sausage which was hotter with each bite and if you had their 10 bbq or mustard then you will be in for some serious tasty burn.

Sweet Sunshine, Porky's Gourmet Foods, Garden Fresh Salsa still on top of my lists after trying them last year. Torchbearer has a great new honey bbq sauce and a spicy dessert sauce that are must buys. That are a few others. but they are packed away in boxes in my car. I am still without home as my house hasn't closed yet and can't begin to unpack the $200 worth of hot sauce I bought the whole weekend. Jungle Jim's is an incredible store.

They even had some great ices nearby the Defcon booth for relief for those stupid enough to have tried the evilness. Speaking of which the Deathmatch was fun to watch and a guy who was signed up by his brother who never made it down won by 3 seconds. The smell and look of these wings is better described as chicken dipped into the black fiery pits of Hell. I took some great shots of them and the match, that will be posted soon at TTF. I had to pass them to my bud to post because I can not do it on my friends laptop.

The best part of the weekend was the huge 20+ person plus gathering at Pappadeux's cajun/creole restaurant a couple of miles down the road. Bret, the organizer of Weekend of Fire and another blogger ATKrider ate the dessert tray that was left behind by the waiter. It was so funny to watch the tray get torn into, dessert after dessert, which was about 12 in all. The waitstaff laughed about telling them it was going to be thrown out anyway and we were the last people there so no conflict was caused. They even got the chef afterwards and complimented him on the wonderful sweets.

I am sure they are more stories to tell, but that is a sample of my take on the event.
Eww the dessert tray that was passed table to table :lol:
Sounds like a blast.
PBR??? PBR!?!?!?!?!

What the hell? With all those wonderful beers they sell there at JJ's?
I cannot comprehend. Ugh.
JayT said:
PBR??? PBR!?!?!?!?!

What the hell? With all those wonderful beers they sell there at JJ's?
I cannot comprehend. Ugh.

I still deny drinking it.....but if I were to drink it the reason why would be it was free....
[quote name='Cap'n Bones']Be careful what you ask for there admin...Have I ever mentioned that I collect banners? :whistle:[/QUOTE]
I heard you snagged it... enjoy!
Naah, it's made to be hung so hang away! :)