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MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

Ok, I started with a Jim Beam barrel on Craigslist for $100

Sanded it down with a wire wheel on an angle grinder on the bands.
80 grit, then 120 grit, then 150 grit sandpaper "flapper" wheel on the oak
Cleaned it up nice

5/8" self tapping stainless screws (predrilled pilot holes) in every stave to hold the bands up, and to stop the barrel from falling apart when I cut the top off. This took FOREVER

Off comes the top, out comes the loose char. Smelled like smoky bourbony awesomeness

Little 14" Weber "Smokey Joe" for the bottom. I drilled a ton more holes in this for better airflow, and altered the legs a little so it would sit lower

Access door to refill water pan/charcoal

Four 3/4" threaded pipe air vents w/ caps to control the airflow. High-temp, food grade caulk in each stave joint

Somewhere along the way, after all the hardware was on (holes drilled), I was ready for paint. I love the textured look of this stuff. (Spray paint) "Forged Hammered Antique Pewter"

A coat of stain, and BOOM!

'MERICA. :cheers:

Boss, let me know if you want me to delete any of the double posted pics. I'm not looking to get in trouble here :)


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Soak the chopped pineapple overnight in Fireball whiskey, then rub it with a combination of brown sugar, turbinado sugar and cinnamon. Cube the pork belly (1.5” cubes) and hit with a BBQ rub then smoke them (on a wire rack) for about 3 hours at 250°F. Move pork belly to an aluminum foil pan, add a full stick of butter pads, sprinkle with about 1/2 cup of brown sugar, then drizzle with (roughly) 1/2 cup of honey. Cover with foil and return to smoker for another 2 hours (add pineapple [uncovered] to smoker for the last hour). Remove from smoker, uncover, drain the butter from the pan, then lightly toss in BBQ sauce. Return to smoker, uncovered, for about 20 minutes, then remove pork and pineapple. Assemble on toothpicks* (or skewers) and baste them with the drippings from the pan (or a BBQ sauce). Put assembled kebabs back on smoker for about 10 minutes for the sauce to get nice and tacky. From start to finish, this whole process takes about 6 hours. This flavor combination is out of this world. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking 🍻

*optional: sometimes I’ll also wrap them with a slice of bacon


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Cream cheese and shredded cheddar, stuffed inside of a jalapeño, wrapped in 1/3lb of ground sausage (I only had pork), wrapped in 2 or 3 slices of bacon. Dusted with Hook’s Spice Rubs’ “Smokin’ Sweetness” BBQ rub and glazed for the last 20 minutes of the cook











I had a few leftover slices of bacon, so I made my daughter some bacon wrapped Oreos 😉



Thanks for looking! 🍻
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