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Well, the competition was yesterday, and I had a BLAST! So much fun, and met so many awesome people 🍻 I’m pretty happy with how I did, knew exactly what went wrong (and did it anyway, lol), and learned a lot.

Ended up getting 🥇1st place in chicken thighs ($250), and 🥈2nd place in ribs ($150)! I wasn’t thrilled with how my ribs came out but they still did well 👍🏻 The guy who came in first was an actual chef, lol. Cool freakin’ guy too! The reigning champs defended their title, deservedly so! :clap: Another great couple of guys. Their Wild Card entry was a smoked cheesecake covered with candied bacon, and it was absolutely phenomenal! After we all turned our boxes in, we all shared the leftovers with each other :cheers:

My Wild Card entry came out like garbage, hahaha. Didn’t even place, and it shouldn’t have, lol. I made the pork belly pineapple skewers, but for whatever reason, the bacon tasted like a salt lick, lol (low sodium bacon too! :shocked: ) I knew that and, like an idiot, I put the bacon on anyway. I have no idea what I was thinking, hahaha. Must’ve been my nerves getting the best of me. Talking to the judges after the awards ceremony, 2 of them told me that if I’d just omitted the bacon, I would’ve won 1st place in the Wild Card (another $250), AND won the Grand Championship ($500). What the HELL was I thinking?! That salty ass bacon ended up costing me $750 and the title 🤣 Either way, I had a ton of fun and met some really great people 🍺

Some random pics:









My turn in boxes:





I can’t even describe how much fun I had yesterday. I’m still smiling 😁

This pic pretty much says it all :metal:

Thanks for looking, everybody! And thanks for all of your continued encouragement, advice, and support! I love all of you clowns 🤡😉

Cheers! 🍻
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Man those chicken and ribs looked Amazing not surprised you did so well Mike and we'll done buddy and on winning you can see you enjoy it and the passion runs deep.👍🙂


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Congrats @MikeUSMC ! Looks like ya done good.

When is the next one? :cool:
Thanks, everybody🍻

Next one was supposed to be in 2 weeks; October 15-16. The “Hartford Riboff.” SCA on Friday night, and KCBS on Saturday. They just officially canceled it because of rising COVID cases around here.

I wasn’t planning on competing anyway. Too much going on with the kids’ sports and stuff. Plus, I have the big cook I always do for Halloween coming up and, the week after that, I have to cater a party for a guy at work 😎 I did want to go, just to hang out though, and have someone else cook some BBQ for me for once 🤣