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hobbies New aquarium!

Fished out three more with a net.

Will be ordering this. 🙄 I need a fence, too, to stop them jumping in, but the return arm complicates that. Thinking..
overflow screen.JPG
Took five fish out of the box this morning. Seems only the males go through the slots, probably looking for territory to claim. Also, I've observed them (really) fighting in there. This tells me I need to add a few more rocks. I'm not thrilled about this only because the pieces I had left weren't great-looking and.. I tossed them out into the yard. So I'll have to find them. In autumn leaves. (YaY!) I guess I could go pick and buy some more.. Would be easier this time of year. When I picked up the lot I've got in the tank now it was 85° [30°] at first light and humid like the Amazon.

First screen print failed. Second attempt should be ready this afternoon. Raining. Hour-and-a-half round trip. Getting pretty good at grabbing them out.. Probably won't go for it today. Stopgap stainless mesh will be here tomorrow. Still working on the fence models.

Been shopping for PVC trim board to construct a replacement canopy. Figure I'll just save the new lid, not install it twice. Not sure if I mentioned the little spotlights have removable lenses - so I can model up replacements and print them in translucent blue or grey material for night light. Need to find some dimmers and timers and shit, too. The compartment is in serious need of cable management. And I never attached the power strip to the wall..

But FISH! We are content.

It's funny, you do all this fiddling and modifying so you can come to a point where you have to do as little as possible to it on an ongoing basis and still have it look beautiful. Once you get there.. 😏 This is one of at least a few paths to MTS - Multiple Tank Syndrome.
Alright we need an update. How many more went into the overflow?

Lots. Might be the same five fish every time, dunno. I've got the printed screen in there now, so nobody else is getting in unless they jump over. There's still one fish in the box I haven't managed to liberate; he likes it in there. I'll get him eventually.