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hobbies New aquarium!

First water change tomorrow. Will be interesting to see where my parameters are.

I've been considering radical action to remove that last fish from the box. Something like siphoning him into a bucket. Even if he manages to avoid the suction (and I suspect he might), with the box empty I ought to be able to just grab him, the little shit.
Finally performed the first water change. Levels were perfect - really didn't even need the change, but I was able to divine a few little quirks of the system in the process.

Daughter helped me extricate the little bastard hermit fish from the overflow box. He's back in with the rest of the group now, earning his keep.

I saw several pretty vicious strikes last night watching the tank. Little devils are growing up fast.
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They're there, doing fish things as they should. Nothing to report, really. Been lazy, putting off the new canopy.






Looking sharp E! Knife fish and pleco additions?

Thanks! Nah, plecos make a lot more of a mess than they clean up. They get huge, too. Knife fish are soft water. ;)

That little algae bloom aint nothing, looks more natural.

Yeah, I like the colors on the rock, too! That's not the algae bloom I had to fight back, though. It was free in the water. You can still see it a bit in some of the photos, especially the fifth one. See that long shadow under the fish toward the top right? It shouldn't look like that - you should only see shadow on the rock or sand, not in the water. A couple weeks ago it was so bad the water looked a bit milky.