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video Now those are what you call a scotch bonnet!

That's good news then. I hope they make it overseas without damage...

Was there a value tag on the envelope (for customs)? Because if that is the case I'll have to pay taxes and handling costs...

Maybe (part of) this thread should be moved to "vendors"?
If we are going to grow these out, shouldn't we give this scotch bonnet a name, like the name of the farm? Or would we not be allowed to use that name? Any suggestions?


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Just to follow up - Seeds arrived Sat 12/18 - five days after ordering. Not bad, especially this time of year. Just seeds in an envelope - no padding. Seeds don't look damaged though.
Got my seeds today also, in just 9 days time, sooner than expected! :dance:
Package was a bit different though, a proper bubble enverlope and some extra butternut squash seeds!