video Now those are what you call a scotch bonnet!

I have 9 Scotch Bonnets for this season 5 Baker Creek seed & 4 from a perfect pepper we grew from BC seed last season. Seedling # 10 died.
The baker creek SBs were delicious & good producers. This season we will be able to judge any differences between store bought & saved seed.
Truth is the BC seed was very late in germinating so we replanted with our seeds. 😄

Eight plants are in ground & one gets to live forever, never overwintered a Scotchie before.

The girls are hard at work making Baby bonnets, looks to be a good season so far.

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I do find the plants not very productive compared to other SB varieties, but that might also be climate related...
Same here, not many pods but they are vigorous plants. I'll plant one in the ground next year or at least a bigger pot.
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