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video Now those are what you call a scotch bonnet!

I think it all depends a lot on the growing conditions. My HSH bonnets grown last year looked more like this (not bad actually 🙂)

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OMG they look soo good... I hope mine come out this good but they are not HSH bonnets :( ... maybe i can get some seeds next year for growing
Actually I was so crazy to order another 2 seed packs of the HSH SB from etsy. Crazy because Etsy shipping costs for Belgium are incredibly expensive - €33.60 total including shipping and VAT for 2 packs of 20 seeds. And since this is a tracked shipment I expect to have to pay a customs fee also. 😨
I didn't tell my wife... these seeds must be made of gold...
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I don't think I'll order anything from etsy again (actually I know I'm never going to order anything from etsy again)... The seed order is on its way since June 1st and it still hasn't left the USA according to the tracking. For €18 on shipping costs I'd expect speedier shipping!
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Etsy is definitely not an improvement. When they first offered their seeds, I simply paypal'ed them the money ($10 for 2 packs of 20 seeds and $5 shipping or something like that) and I had my seeds in about a week time... 🤔.