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Got some nice seeds today from CaneDog ! Awesome, peat pellets prepping now :)


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PaulG said:
If they taste as good as this chocolate, they must be awesome!
My boy went to Europe with a People to People group a number of years back. Two things he experienced that were worth the shipping home: 5 lbs of Dutch cheese and three lbs of Belgian chocolate. We ate like royalty for a bit... :woohoo:


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Well, I got an April fools prank (courtesy of the USPS) that brought tears to my eyes. I had been longing for some time (a while actually) for some of that incredible Aji Oro Chokecherry jelly made by stettoman (perhaps the only man in America who makes it).  A product so rare and delicious, it is hard to assign a monetary value to it. A parcel at my door gave me great joy! However, half the contents were broken. Oddly enough, the two broken jars were a new batch of Turbo pubescens Chokecherry. Damn the luck.  But the two survivors were what I'd been salivating for....  Torn between shock and delight, I'm settling on delight and remain grateful beyond additional words.
Thank you my friend, it means more to me than you could suppose.  PPATB!  :cheers:


A bar of gold would not please me more.


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Aw shucks, twern't nuthin' Off'cer Sharpe....though the USPS is quickly making a Fdx customer out of me.
I admit, Reggie, the stuff is ambrosia, and I may be one of a pretty small group to discover that there IS an improvement on traditional chokecherry jellies, but I think you could have patted me on the back just a bit more, eh?
The Turbo Pube jelly actually turned out pretty danged marvelous, but the measurements I used leaned to a milder blend. That Aji Oro is as close to perfect as I've made. There are a few small stores who'd like me to market it, but batches are just too small to consider it.
Coming from the developer of my ketchup, Aggravated Assault, your compliments are special to me, friend!!


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And speaking of ketchup, that dang cop just keeps sneakin' up on me--I guess being a cop in the big city will do that for ya!
Thanks, Warrant Man!

I haven't had a mustard-based bbq sauce since I was in Luling, TX. Stuff was great, can't wait to smoke me some brisket!!


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Not trusting the Mexican mail system, Ahayastani went all
the way to the EU to mail me some seeds! That’s above and
beyond so a big shout out, brother!

I am thinking the awesome artwork comes from your son, Dieter…


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Ahayastani is a very busy and generous world traveler indeed! A parcel from Belgium hit my porch yesterday... I am deeply honored.
The cache' 

A flag to add to my Vexillological collection. Touche' Dieter! Had to research this one. Flemish from the old county of Flanders. I will fly it on July 11 in honor of the 1302 "Battle of the Golden Spurs."  ;)
Four bars of Belgian chocolate, I know they will be amazing. My special lady friend has eyes for them already (I will share) well, some anyway....50/50? More like 80/20 probably  :shocked:

A religious medallion (had to research this too) from Abbey Averbode founded in 1134. How cool!! They are apparently well known for their beer as well. The medallion and postcard from the Abbey.  


A unique drawing of the Carolina Reaper pepper (I agree with PaulG as to the identity of the artist) it will find a proud spot for display in my home!

A post card and political placard from current home base Tapachula, Mexico


The last item I withhold from sharing here, but know it is well appreciated sir!.
PPATB!!!  We are world wide. I haven't proper words to match my gratitude.


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Well, I’ll be damned if I wasn’t surprised by a couple of packages on my porch this morning...

Our very own, one and only, @stettoman very kindly (and unexpectedly) sent me a whole bunch of delectable goodies!

First up are a delicious bag of homemade jerky (that I’m munching on as I type this ;) ), made with Stettoman’s homemade chokecherry jelly (we’ll get to that in a minute 😁)! Along with that is a bag of BBQ rub that he was able to convince his local BBQ joint to part with... after over a decade of nagging them for some! :lol: Eric, I can’t even tell you how grateful I am that you were willing to share this rub with me, man. I seriously don’t even have the words. I could smell it before I’d even opened the package and it smells divine! Keep your eyes peeled for some wing pics (hopefully soon!), and maybe even a whole spatchcocked chicken! 👀😁

Next up were a couple of jars of his famous chokecherry jam; an Aji Oro and a Turbo Pube Rocoto version! I’ve seen pictures of these jars, scattered over dozens of pages on this forum over the years, and I’d always dreamed that one day I’d be able to get my paws on some. Thank you very, much, Stetto! I’m really looking forward to digging into these! :party:

He wasn’t done though! :snooty: :shocked: He also included 2 BIG bottles of local BBQ sauce that I want to dive head first into; especially the chipotle one! I can definitely see these bottles gently kissing some smoked brisket burnt ends in the near future!

Last, but certainly not least, Eric knows how I like to spend a lot my time while I’m by the smoker... :rofl:


Damn, it’s great to be back after an almost year long hiatus from THP because of overtime at work. Cheers, @stettoman, and “Thank You Very Much!” doesn’t even come close to expressing how grateful I am to have a friend like you, brother 🍻🇺🇸

This is the best damn forum on the Internet, period. And if you think there’s any doubt about that, this thread is all you’ll need for proof.

Cheers, everyone!
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