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pimp my cheap a$$ pizza

this thread is all about taking that cheap frozen pizza and making it into a master piece.

so ill break the cherry. wal-mart pizza,tomato,extra sharp cheeze,4 jalos,1 ghost,parm in a can,spinach,and homemade chili that has fresh scorps ,habs,jalos,ghost,and cayenne in it.

Sometimes looking thru these threads is like rummaging thru a box of old LPs...
...so many great posts (songs) and belly laughs!
This page started with pizzas pimped w/ extra mozz (yeah D3!),...and pickles! Pickles!?!?!
Why that's downright inspirational! I have a pizza-inna-box so big in the fridge right now, that i had to squish the box to make it fit.
Might hafta pimp that puppy out a skosh! ;) 
You can't beat a $1 pizza

Add pepper jack, colby, and a half a jar of smoked aji pepper flakes......winning!
Hellz yeah!!!!!   Freaking tostino (totino's) pizzas freaking rock!  My southern IL ass calls them tostino's so get over it!!!!!

I love these damn things.  If they would have just had hamburger instead of the combo i'd be in heaven.  Litttle IPA homebrew and cardboard pizza......I win.
Ozzy2001 said:
You can't beat a $1 pizza

Add pepper jack, colby, 
Yep....ya had me at Colby....the magick pimp-my-CA-pizza ingredient. YOU know! My respect Ozzy! We're very fortunate that our grocery joint has the hamburger kind....but your combo-cardboard pizza made me happy just looking at it! You're right...you win dude!!!! :)   :dance: And thanks for sharing!!!!!!! (now I gotta go rummage thru my freezer dammit! :) )
Another Totinos kind of day. I'm at home with sick kids while my wife is volunteering at the swim meet they were supposed to swim in. I'm watching Brewster's Milkions though, so it's not too bad.

Totinos combo pizza with smoked Baccatum pepper flakes, Colby and Pepper Jack cheese, and some pickled peppers on top.


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Looks tasty ... for a Tot ;)
We're at home w/ a dog that's slipped disc has her semi-paralyzed =(
So. Much. Yelping.
Hoping to still get around to checking the gravity on the Wild in the Sacch batch, tonight, and hopefully loading it into a keg for some crashing etc etc ...


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Ozzy2001 said:
Damn that's brutal bro. Not getting any better huh? How long you guys gonna wait until you have to put it down?
Hard to know ...
She's in there ... happy to scarf done some wet food, makes her little whiny noise when she wants attention ... but is barely stumbling when she tries to walk ...
The info out there for it suggests it can take 5-6 weeks for get better, for a honeymoon period of who knows how long ...
She's technically Danielle's, so I'm mostly trying to support Danielle at this point ...
My criteria for euthanasia of a pet in a world where pets are getting put to sleep everyday, at every rescue across the country, have been met - but the way it appeared out of nowhere, the week after putting the truly old dog down, is exceptionally rough timing, I guess ... for a more emotional person.
We'll see if she can turn around on the Rimadyl, but I don't know man ... I'm not seeing much in this 1st week that is cause for much hope, I'm afraid ...
Totinos. mmmm

There is nothing you can do to those damm things to make them better than right out of the box! lol

Best damm cracker crust out there (from the freezer section LMAO).

I don't eat them often but the two times a year I buy them, I eat the hael out ovem!