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Post Your Crappy Spicy Food

Hey y'all.
Been thinkin' about this one for a few weeks now. I know some of y'all eat some really ghetto stuff and from time to time I do also. I'm quite sure some of y'all have seen some of my posted pics and thought to yourself..."Daaaaaang TB! That looks like ass!" So recently I got to thinkin'. Yeah I know thats dangerous. 
I know for a fact y'all eat some weird sheeit-o-meter stuff. I betcha' dollah's to donut's there's a few of y'all that you've cooked up only the finest .25 cent on sale Ramen and thought it would be goodern ' hell if only it had a can of pork n' beans mixed up in it. And of course adding some hot powder and/or hot sauce makes it completely legit.
So this is the thread where y'all all come clean and posty your most mangled sickening crap that you've made and eaten.
A few rules for posting.
1. Tell us about the ingredients used.
2. Post the spiceenescxt. A heat ingredient is mandatory!
3. Words without a pic to back it up are worthless. Pics are mandatory!
4. Absolutely no foo foo in this thread but its more than cool and the gang to describe it as such.
5. This is supposed to be a fun but revealing thread. Lets just have fun.
We that's it then.
Let me start this train wreck of a thread.
The other night I had some leftover pasta my friend Chico made with anchovies, capers, tomato, chiles, and some other stuff. Didn't have really enough to make a meal size portion so I added some other ingredients. 
Microwave radiated leftover orcchiette pasta putanesca with only the finest hand opened bag of generic frozen peas and carrots with topped with sour cream and jalapeno tomato vinaigrette reduction.
Too bad I had all the decent sized bowls running in the dishwasher.
So I opted to serve this delectable culinary delight up in only the best doggy fine china. Gracias missylou.

Sure it looks like something missylou ate and then barfed up but it was dang tasty y'all!

As the stuff was being microwaved the smell of the anchovies from the leftover sauce in the pasta started really smelling up the house. mrs. blues hollah' at me from down the hall in her office from where she was working.
"Something is stinkin' to high heaven in there. Would you please take out the garbage for the love of GOD!!!!"

So what y'all got?
Leftover little smokie's wrapped in soggy wonder bread and baked in the oven with globs of velveeta on top? 
4 day old meatloaf nacho's?
Post it up and let us rate just how bad it truly is.
Now get on it.
And save the holier than thou crap that you never eat stuff like this because we KNOW YOU DO!
Ever body knows Jay shaves with 3 day old leftover hot dog water.
instant ramen doctored up with LDHS pink label my own 9 month ferment, left over smoked chicken breast, frozen corn and peas with an egg yolk. you can call it crappy and I called it lunch  :cheers:


and a pepper shot  ;)
That is truly crappy.
Like Jay said.
Raw chicken fetus.
Its one 'thang to cook them or use them in cooking but barely cooked or raw....
Crappy achieved senor!
D3monic said:
Because he likes to pretend he's a food snob but we all know he would sicman that shit if you put it in front of him. Except lettuce, he would still throw it on the groun
I wouldn't eat that if you paid me.
Just separate yolk and drop it into hot soup, yes? ...
I need to try it, if so ...

but whhhhy????

why you hate zee proteen Monsieur?

I just crack an egg in as the noodles start softening and let it poach itself.
filmost said:
but whhhhy????

why you hate zee proteen Monsieur?

I just crack an egg in as the noodles start softening and let it poach itself.
I just saw a blurb on Yahoo how that up to 30% of the US egg production has been infected with bird flu.
Then again, you're not in the US of A.
I don't dig on goin' all Rocky Balboa 'n sheeit with eggs.
Salmon eggs yes.
Chicken fetuses no.


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but whhhhy????

why you hate zee proteen Monsieur?

I just crack an egg in as the noodles start softening and let it poach itself.

I would do that, too. probably prefer to stir it in egg-drop style though ...


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I was going to DC this ... it was hot, and good, but because I used the chinese noodles, i'm putting it here instead of dc, tacos, or leftover's ...