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SKULLBIKERS 2021 Everything BUT Peppers GOLOG

Here they come, the first pods forming on the fall/winter bean plants.

Beans are looking good SB. I'll be interested in your take on Seychelles. I haven't grown it but, from what I've read, it looks promising.

I haven't gotten around to Christmas lima either. I even have seed (probably older than yours lol), but it keeps getting bumped by another more interesting lima. Maybe one of these years........hahaha.
SB now there's a wonderful display of pumpkins such a diverse collection to and so many tasty variety's.
You and the wife I hope look back at those times as happy ones apart from the bad backs which is one of life's guarantees being a farmer and Gardner thx for sharing good times.🙂👍
There are some ornamental varieties that succeed in temperate climates. The plant freezes in winter but sends out new shoots when the temperatures begin to rise in early spring. Yunnan banana? I can't recall it's name, only that it was in my garden.
Didn't no about that ahayastani thank you will look it up.🙂👍
Lot's of updates for this thread. I'll start now with the cauliflower, Kossak Kohlrabi, and cabbage.
Seven each of the Kohlrabi and Cauliflower. A few more cabbage plants but a few are not forming very good heads.
The cauliflower heads got to about tennis ball size and then I tied the leaves around them to blanch them.




About four of the Kossak Kohlrabi are this size and the rest are a bit smaller.


Pic from cauliflower end.


Pic from cabbage end.


That's it for now, maybe more later.
Banana bunch update, they are filling out nicely.


I've got some onions going in a couple of containers.


The "late bloomer" pineapple looks like it is finally starting to ripen.


There are a few papaya still hanging. As soon as these are gone the tree is going away.


The loquat tree is blooming.


A couple of the Passion Fruit just beginning to ripen. These are super slow!


I've got a few asparagus shoots in a container.