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A new year, so a new FLOG(food log).
I previously called this my "healthy stuff" thread, but there is more to life than just healthy stuff. Sometimes a person just wants to eat something that tastes REALLY GOOD!
I just made up a new batch of kohlrabi kimchi, very loosely using this recipe:
I didn't use the little kohlrabi that you buy in the store, I used the KOSSAK KOHLRABI that I grew and just picked. Here is a pick of 3 of them but I actually ended up using 4. 

The first three, 9 lbs, 10 oz.

Plus the fourth one, 2 lbs, 14 oz

Here they are, all peeled off, 10 lbs, 8 oz.

I didn't have any Daikon radishes so I used 2 of these Sakurajima radishes.
2025 grams, I won't use these again as they seem too mild to me.

I also used 4 lbs of carrots and since I didn't have any green onions I used 3 LARGE red onions.
I mixed it and the paste in a 12 qt bowl and it was nearly full to the top.
Here is the finished product ready to ferment, 2 gal, 3 qt.:

I will give it a taste in a couple of weeks.
Another batch of fried cabbage today. This is a good one. Four plus pounds of just picked cabbage, 1 1/4 pounds of apple wood smoked bacon, three of my just picked onions, several each of just picked jalapenos and cherry bombs, and a good amount of "pork & ham shoulder".
If you're going to have a cold-cut sandwich for lunch it may as well be a good one. Thick sliced sourdough bread smeared with my jalapeno hot sauce on both slices. Inside it from the bottom up, American Cheese, Beef Cotto Salami, Pepperjack w/Habanero Cheese, Beef Cotto Salami, Pepperjack w/Habanero Cheese, and a layer of my Cherry Bomb/Jalapeno Relish. 
I just got done eating it and it was very good.
It was three weeks today since I started my sauerkraut ferment so I decided to uncork it. 




I think the next one I'll let ferment longer, shred the cabbage finer, and add some spices.
I still have cabbage going in the garden so that may happen this week yet.
I cut up the jalapenos I had shown on my Glog plus more and Cherry Bombs and made a fairly large batch of Cowboy Candy. This batch is based off of this recipe that I borrowed from the internet. I cut my slices 3/8 to 1/2 inch wide as I found they get a bit flimsy at 1/4 inch after cooking and canning.

The peppers.

Cooking the jalapenos.

Cooking the Cherry Bombs.

I even sliced up a bunch of Bell Peppers and cooked them as the last batch in the syrup. There is quite a bit of heat(spicyness) left behind in the syrup from the previous peppers and the Bells soak up a bit of that heat. These are good for the people that like more mild spicy.
Tune up that quick frozen breakfast! 
I start with a Jimmy Deans Bowl. I chopped up a large Rocoto Montufar pepper, added a big glob of bacon grease to that and microwaved it for 1 1/2 minutes. After the bowl is microwaved for 2 minutes, take out and stir and add the chili and bacon grease, mix it all up and micro another minute. 



And top off the meal with sourdough toast, buttered heavily and smeared with Rocoto Montufar jelly.
Lunch today! 
NOTE: I was hungry.
Start with sourdough bread.

"Butter" it with my latest hot sauce(Orange Spice Jalapeno).

Build order in text(bottom up).
Beef Cotto Salami
Pepper Jack w/habanero cheese
Beef Cotto Salami
American Cheese
Beef Cotto Salami

Damn, it was good!