food SKULLBIKER'S 2022 FLOG(food log)

I've been slacking off on posting so I better try to catch up. We were in Orlando this past Saturday so we made another stop at "Chicken Fire", fast HOT 🔥🌶🥵 chicken tenders. I had the "HOT" and yes, I had sweat on my brow!





I just got done FREEZE DRYING a bit less than half of the bananas off of our tree, 5 trays/about (50) 6 inch bananas.

The temperature at the beginning right after the trays went into the machine.


And the finish temp before the drying cycle starts.


Then the drying cycle where the temperature and vacuum go up and down and it does the sublimation thing.

And then I end up with nice tasty crispy babana chips vacuum packed and preserved for about as long as I wish.

I washed up the last Daikon Radishes that I pulled.


I made some brine(it's a refrigerator pickle type), sliced up the radishes, and packed them in jars. Just about (3) 1 1/2 pint jars.
Recipe based loosely on this one:


Changes I made to the brine were: no bay leaves, addition of (1)tbls of celery seed, addition of 1/4 cup honey, I used (1) tsp of ripe jalapeno powder instead of red pepper flakes, and this batch I used turbinado instead of white sugar. I'll give them a taste test next week. The last batch is over half gone.
Fresh tomatoes with my lunch today.
Lemon Boy, Tomatoberry, & Brad's Atomic Grape.


Even if they are good when not totally ripe, I bet you will enjoy your Brad's Atomic even more if you let them hang on the plant a bit longer. They can take quite a while to fully ripen but eventually they will get more of a yellow/pale green color on the inside and then the taste will be way better!
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First tomato canning round of the season. 4 1/2 quarts of Lemon Boys and 2 quarts of Brads Atomic Grape.


And just a mention, I picked one of my bigger Mucho Nacho Jalapenos yesterday and sliced it up and put it on my pizza last night, and I have to say that was one spicy jalapeno. My lips were tingling 20 minutes after!
I think I'm going to make some salsa today. WOOHOOO