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SKULLBIKER'S 2022 FLOG(food log)

Well, it's about time to start this years FLOG. I guess now the first pic of the thread is the cover image.🤷🏻‍♂️ I made a frozen pizza the other day, This is it after adding Mixed Cowboy Candy to it and jammin' it into the Breyville.


Now for the story that preceded that!
Here's the Box:


Here's the pizza as purchased:


Here's the pizza "dolled up":

The Emerald Fire Jalapenos from my GLOG, turns out it's less than half of what I need. Deseeded but including the "brain".


Squeezin the life blood out of them to make some jelly.


That bowl full got me just over a pint of juice, I need 40 oz..


I decided to make a nice green salsa so I saved the tailings for that. Started with some Brad's Atomic Grape tomatoes featuring a siamese one.


Added in the usual ingredients also, garlic, cilantro, onion(recently picked), lime juice. plus a bit of Jalapeno powder as it needed just a little more kick.


I ended up with 4 pints. As a note, those tomatoes are superb in salsa.

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I took the Kossak Kohlrabi that I picked the other day plus another similar to it to make kohlrabi kraut. About 5 lbs total after peeling.
First I cut them up so I could feed the pieces into the Kitchenaid/grater.


I shredded them up, chopped up some of my recently picked Red Creole onions(which I find are the only onion to make my eyes water in many years), and buzzed a bunch of fresh Rio Haullaga Rocoto to add a little zip. I added 3% sea salt, let it rest a while and then packed it into a gallon jar with a vacuum fermenter lid. In a week(or more) we shall see what we have.

Hey SB, did it burn both ends? People need to know 😁
That's one insane looking ketchup replacement!
I bet I wouldn't gain any friends if I put some of it in a ketchup squeeze bottle at a cookout! 🔥
that is going to sting - both ends
Is this something you've concocted for me because I can't get sriracha sauce? :lol:
I do have some "Brainstrain Sriracha" thats been fermenting since 9/7/21, how about that? 🥵
Hey SB, did it burn both ends? People need to know 😁
There is some information that people don't need to know.🥴
The other day I decided to smoke about 15 pounds of jalapenos, a couple pounds of sweet peppers, and some fresh tomato sauce. I'll make powder out of most of the jalapenos after freeze drying. The smoked tomatoes and sweet peppers are for a batch of salsa.