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The Last Great Pizza Thread

'Bout time we had a thread for all those that make their own dough and sauce. Too many good cooks on THP to let something as magnificent as that king of foods, pizza go unnoticed on this forum. This thread however comes with some rules to post...

1) Make your own dough and post the recipe. Thin crust. Whole wheat. Foccacia. NY or Chicago style. Naan....your choice!

2) Make your own sauce and post the recipe. Red. White. Olive oil w/ garlic. Whatever gets your mojo workin'!

3) Mandatory that it brings teh heat. Habs. Serrano's. Bhut's. T-Scorps. Fatalli. Hot sauce's and puree's will qualify. Using wimp sauce's such as Tabasco Brand or Franks will
be ridiculed with extreme prejudice and boooooed heavily!

4) Toppings can be anything. Pepperoni. Avocado. Greek olives. Pulled pork. If it came out of the ground or walked, swam or crawled, its all cool and the gang!

5) Bake them in the oven on a sheet pan. In cast iron. A pizza stone. On the grill. Got a wood fired pizza oven? Have mercy!

6) Pics are mandatory! Anyone can talk smack about it but put up or shut up. No pics? It never happened and ridiculing and boooooing will follow. Capiche?

Alright ya'll, lets get it on.....
Lobster pizza.
Some would say that is cray cray.
But no.
Years ago I had a lobster reuben.
At Keys Fisheries.
Marathon, FL.
It was super onolicious.
I'd eat the hell out of that pizza!
FreeportBum said:
Pizza I made at work last week.  Lobster,shallots,heavy cream,fontina,parm,pepper flakes,lemon zest,flat leaf
i`d hit that!!!
I love Hawaiian pizza.
Five 0.
And Jack Lord.
Whats my point?
I have no idea.
I just love Hawaiian pizza.
And Jack Lord.
And screw that other 5-0 fake show.
I made another to test a flour... I made a mistake and i used much more water than needed.... Hydro 97%...

Onion, garlic, olives, anchovies, capers, sausages, dried annuum.... And a single in the middle, after cooking.

I managed to make something decent... But i liked better last one.
The_NorthEast_ChileMan said:
I'm not much of a tuna guy but that pizza looks awesome!

Thanks! I wanted to do an 80%+ as usual... With a bit more dough than usual. I measured 390g flour and i wanted to use 320g of water... But there was something wrong. I am using bottled water lately for dough and i measured about 380g missing! This is a lot for that flour! That way dough was even more than intended, a bit too much.


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We do pizza every Friday from scratch. I try and start the dough on Wednesday so it has a few days in the fridge to slowly proof. I have landed on using my outdoor gas grill getting a near perfect cook. I stick all the burners on full and have two large pizza stones. The grill is left to heat for half an hour and the temps inside are high - way above the 700F that my IR thermometer can read. The pizzas are made on a mesh metal plate covered in foil with a little oil spray added for easy removal. They cook in 2 minutes max.





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Sweet deal. I have used my pizza stone on the grill before. I have two different size ones that I would preheat with some firebricks around back three sides of smaller one larger on on top for a MacGyvered pizza oven.

It worked really sweet too, until I had the setup too close to railing of my deck and I started wondering why I was smelling cedar smoke. :rofl:

I haven't done that setupt since actually. ;)