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The Last Great Pizza Thread

'Bout time we had a thread for all those that make their own dough and sauce. Too many good cooks on THP to let something as magnificent as that king of foods, pizza go unnoticed on this forum. This thread however comes with some rules to post...

1) Make your own dough and post the recipe. Thin crust. Whole wheat. Foccacia. NY or Chicago style. Naan....your choice!

2) Make your own sauce and post the recipe. Red. White. Olive oil w/ garlic. Whatever gets your mojo workin'!

3) Mandatory that it brings teh heat. Habs. Serrano's. Bhut's. T-Scorps. Fatalli. Hot sauce's and puree's will qualify. Using wimp sauce's such as Tabasco Brand or Franks will
be ridiculed with extreme prejudice and boooooed heavily!

4) Toppings can be anything. Pepperoni. Avocado. Greek olives. Pulled pork. If it came out of the ground or walked, swam or crawled, its all cool and the gang!

5) Bake them in the oven on a sheet pan. In cast iron. A pizza stone. On the grill. Got a wood fired pizza oven? Have mercy!

6) Pics are mandatory! Anyone can talk smack about it but put up or shut up. No pics? It never happened and ridiculing and boooooing will follow. Capiche?

Alright ya'll, lets get it on.....
I'll allow it

spence023 said:
We have been making homemade pizza for a while now. Cant beat it. A year in we ordered from a chain and regretted it with the first bite...
Feel free to post your pizza.
We love homemade pizza.
You're gonna' love this place.
I was watching a YouTube video today of an Italian chef making his version of a New York style pizza. His recipe was almost identical to the one that I normally use. This was a revelation - I always thought I preferred Neapolitan style bases but it turns out that I'm a New York pizza base guy.
My "standard" recipe:
200ml water (1.5 cups)
1 tsp yeast
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp olive oil
400g flour (3 cups)
1 tsp salt
The only difference with the video is that he used about 100g semolina flour in place of 100g of the plain flour I use. I'm gonna try semolina flour for next Friday.
So we tried the semolina in the dough recipe and it seems to allow me to stretch for days. It's a bit weird since I would expect more flour = more gluten = more stretch. Anyway, the 220g dough ball made a 14" base pretty comfortably.
Here's Friday night's attempt:





The base was not cooked well enough but still very tasty. I think the mistake I made was using the dough straight out of the fridge - I should have given it some time to warm up. The sauce was also straight from the fridge. Next time I'm letting the base rest for 30 mins before topping and baking.
Those look good to me.

I love broccoli on pizza.

I was doing some experiments on the grill with various setups for pizza but heat control is too variable. Will have to break down and either buy or build a pizza oven eventually.

Used the rest of the dough and just did a Detroit style pizza in oven for supper.

To be truthful it was the wrong dough.

I generally use a almost focaccia style dough when going that route.

I have been trying to replicate this for awhile now.


I think I am going to have to source a high wall black steal pan. My dark enamel pan is ok, but emissivity might be the missing key on the crust side of things.

That almost fried cheese crust edge with the thick airy dough is killer.

Did you par-bake the dough in the sheet pan? That's how they do Sicilian here otherwise it's raw in the center. 
So, my son has decided that Friday pizza night is not enough so last Friday he made a double batch of dough and left half in the fridge. Looks like it's Tuesday and Friday pizza night!
Both my daughter and I loved today's pizza base - it definitely makes an impact on flavour if you slow ferment for a few days. But my son can't tell the difference.

I plucked a ripe Dorset Naga and minced it into the sauce on my pizza. A big mistake. In my mind I have a pretty high tolerance but that was too much. I could barely eat half and I needed 3 beers to calm my mouth. For me, I think one pod is enough for three pies. Next time, I'll be more careful.