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I hit up FW'S here and there it's good ultra training as you never have to stop pedaling. Fastest century I ever did was there, 22.9 mph average. Totally by myself, no drafting. I was on my recumbent which I haven't touched since February and training for Sebring, which starts again next month. I feel stronger this year so hopefully Sebring is going to go well.Averaged 20.3 on my road bike today for 30 miles. Trying to build up a little better base for my trip coming up.
Very respectable ETA speeds sicman!  I'm curious, all things equal, is the recumbent or road bike faster for you over a one hour max?  I rarely see people going fast on recumbents relative to road bike speeds, but I've never known if it was a limitation of perhaps power delivery in the recumbent or just that I'm seeing the stronger cyclists on road and tri bikes, not recumbents.
Yep, that 7 mile loop at FW is perfect for looping, though I never took it anywhere near 100 miles. I remember it used to get all covered in pigmy rattlesnakes at certain times of year too, which was kinda interesting when it happened.
In the right hands the recumbent is faster. Mine is also a race one. Nothing about it is meant to go slow. My big advantage on it is I also ride a upright. On the bent you cant really do heart training so you wont get stronger. Because your leaned back you're heart is not going to pump the same. So when I do finally start training for Sebring I'll still ride my road bike and do very hard intervals to work my heart. That I feel gives me advantage on the bent.
There is this one recumbent rider here that is definitely fast. I didn't get a chance to see his rig. A bit of good news, no finger surgery, only have to meet with a finger therapist (no idea what that is)? Out of all the people out there, besides the Japanese runners, and the Kenyans, are the roller blade people, there are like 2-3 people who might be training professionally for skiing or whatever. But they are ripped, and they use those long roller blades and ski poles? Be safe fellas, Cane, watch out for those wet roads! Cheers!
Lady luck is on my side I think, No surgery for the finger, nor the nose so far, got a consult for the neurosurgery department for my neck, then this:
The council says the University of New Mexico is the only neurosurgery residency program in the country to lose its credentials this school year. Same folks who did my back surgery 2-3 years ago. Who wants to set me on fire? I think that will round out my year lol.
My last 5 days of riding 699.23 miles 11,204 feet of elevation with a 17.04 mph average overall. Winds were brutal 2 of the days. Plenty of pain physically and mentally but that's what ultra cycling is about :rofl: Going to take a couple days off then Sebring training starts.
You know what is funny is when you come across riders with a flat tire, no extra tube, no pump, pushing their bike along, and of course being a rider you are compelled to offer assistance. I use the Co2 cartridges at 3 bucks a pop. I had to fill 3 tires this past week. Some fool rides a 36 inch tire and is like 7 foot tall. He said he wishes there was a bike class that taught him how to change a tire. I was like there may soon be. Perfect business opportunity. hehe. 
Go to Walmart and get a case of crossman co2 cartridges. 12 bucks, there not as heavy but even if you have to use 2, so what. I find one gets you up to 90psi which is what I usually run on road bike anyways.
Turns out Walmart didn't have the threaded Co2 cartridges. I have been slowing way down and not riding as much. I need to kick myself in the ass. Spent the entire day helping a friend look for a stolen bike. You know the cool thing is that bike shops, are very good at getting the word out about stolen bikes. Most of the bike shops have been broken into and one in particular, had 2 bikes stolen: A Le Monde, and a Philippe.
I get the 16 gram threaded CO2's off Amazon, which have a good capacity for a little over $1/ cartridge.
Yeah, bummer about your friend's bike.  Bike theft definitely sucks big time.  The threat alone takes away so much flexibility. 
And you definitely need to be out there taking advantage of your nonfreezing climate!
I think Sic is the only one with a nonfreezing climate, we have snow on the mountain, and been dipping below 20 here, Cant wait until summer!
Whoa that is a good price for the cylinders, thanks for sharing that fellas! I am looking into those gps bike tracking systems. You all have any experience with those? Cheers!
Riding weather hehe: Happy Thanksgiving fellas!


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Hey happy Thanksgiving VooDoo.   And mind your corners in that stuff!
Which GPS trackers are you considering?  I've never had one, but I'd be looking for motion alert and good concealment. Like a headset or bar end plug type. Some of the ones out there seem pretty obvious.