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This thread kicks ass. Had myself in without a doubt the best shape of my life the last two years. Think I have some good shots of me with my cheeks packed with mambe hiking a ridiculous trail in the Colombian Andes to my near death.

Jealous of the bikes in here. I don't have anything that great,just a carbon Trek commuter bike to pound the hills around town after work. Have yet to get into the long distance stuff.
All I had in the tank today....

Getting ready for a gravel ride at the moment. Going to try and get back in shape over the next few months. Taking the Revolt out instead of the niner as its more comfortable for my out of shape ass. Down side is no aero bars but really cant use them that much on todays terrain. Beers this afternoon.
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Beautiful Bike Sic! Glad to see you rocking it out again! I turned in after 50 miles today, came home and pulled some bike maintenance.

Their is this BMC GF01 Granfondo on consignment at the bike shop around the way, They are asking 1700 but the bike has Ultegra DI2 and Envy carbon rims on it. The rims alone are worth about 2500. Thinking about it....

Stick with it Bro! Post up on Strava so canedog can laugh at us for our low mileages lol.


P.S. Just realized yesterday as the first time I rode with a girl, she had 2 flats, aired them up and rode with her to her exit to make sure she made it home. Today, same thing, girl had a flat, aired it up so she could get home. Weird...
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Had an orthopedic consult today on both knees, arthritis lol! Steroid injections on both knees and some mobic. Hopefully I can rip some more miles now. Still hitting the gym, but that place is painful which is good. Getting some good advice from the gym rats on how to use the machines proper.

Keep on trucking all. Cheers!!