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Nice new bike Sic! I see quite a few virtual rides on the board Cane, heck post them up.

The surgery is still on but the bottle neck is radiology, the neurosurgeon needs new MRI imaging but radiology is really backed up. There are a few options to the spinal fusion, like stem cell and disk replacement, but the procedures are really new and the neuro department isn't trained in them yet.

I am perfectly ok with that, as long as I can still ride a bit. The back has its days, but they did give me a new muscle relaxer which seems to be working out ok. I will take pics of the treadmill, seems like a good one.

I hear what you are saying on the pay to suffer rides Sic, not very cost effective at all lol.

If you want to simulate what it is like riding in Albuquerque, take your bike into a walk in freezer, and turn on 20 oscillating fans, all pointing at your face.
If you want to simulate what it is like riding in Albuquerque, take your bike into a walk in freezer, and turn on 20 oscillating fans, all pointing at your face.
Can a point a few extra fans at my knees and hands too or is that overkill?

More power to you Voodoo getting outside and after it. I've been staying indoors on the trainer, but I drove along my fair-weather bike path today and it was beautifully sunny out and I got a major jones to get riding outdoors again. Weather supporting, that is. :)
That's awesome Cane, you and Sic are ripping miles on strava. The winds here are still pretty wicked, but it's what we have to deal with. I am way behind on miles, going to try to make up for it tomorrow. Haven't ridden the time machine in a while, might take her out tomorrow. Ride safe brothers.
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Good stuff! Have you just been busy and is your back doing okay?

It's getting a lot warmer now where I am. Hopefully the same for you and you're not having to deal with such cold winds on your rides anymore.

Still plugging on with the back issue, the radiology department is still backed up so cant get new MRI images. I have a spinal injection lined up hopefully soon, to buy me some time. Also been busy with a few weeks of work.

It's starting to warm up, winds are still crazy. Hopefully can get some good miles in this week.

Rock on!
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So, Ive had mud butt for like 2 months now, great for losing weight, but not so good on the toilet paper supply line. I got a consult to the gastro department, and the first thing on the Rx was Metamucil...I was like you work for the dark side don't you???
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Heya Cane and Sic, My Strava went to hell, had to reload it:

Can you add me again:

Thanks and Cheers!
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Hiya all, My Voodoo account has been locked out for some reason, so had to create a new account. Hope you all are doing well. Joined a gym and working out after riding. Hope I don't kill myself on one of these machines! Cane and Sic ride hard bothers!

I also chatted with Primo, says he is working on some new peppers, and says he misses you all. Has a new kiddo, and says he has a pepper movie / doc-series coming to hulu n the fall. Looking forward to it.

We share the same birthday coming up on august 9th, so send him some birthday wishes!



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Heya Sic, let me know when you have some fresh peppers up for sale. Everything I planted died...I even planted a metal rod, and it melted.

One a good note, the chile roasters are up and running around town. I will have to see where the green chile batches are coming from, seems too early for the Hatch, might be the limitar batches.

Been spending 2-3 hours at a time at the gym, not much riding lately, due to the weather. I have to say this gym has some state of the art equipment. Been going there everyday for 3 weeks, and noticed nobody talks to each other lol. Some serious folks in there. Mostly use hand gestures, point to an exercise machine and give a thumps up means they are done using it and its ok to use it lol. All the gals in there spend a lot of time in front of the mirrors, I think they are training for some kind of competition?

It's really fun though, like cycling, a gym will change your life.



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So got some crazy news today. The night before last, a lot of pain started in my left eye. Burning, light sensitivity, extreme pain. So today I head over to the eye doc, and he says your corneal epithelium (first layer of your cornea) is basically shredded. He says he see it happen when a very dry eye adheres to the eyelid during sleep, and when they wake it basically tears the first layer off the cornea exposing all the nerve endings.

I think in my case it was sun damage to the corneal epithelium. Have to head back in tomorrow and Friday.

So it begins, might have to see an eye surgeon in the next few. I thought a spinal fluid leak was painful, but this is right up there kinda like a tooth ache x 10.
Good news today, doc says he has been in practice for 11 years, and mine is the the 4 or 5th worse cornea rips he has seen, but also said it healed 80 percent. I said I was only the 4th or 5th?? be right back...lol. just kidding, it's healing up pretty well so far, still cant see out of left very well, but turns out, you don't need both eyes to go to the gym.

Cheers all and thank you Cane!
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So had to compile a list of my injuries of documentation to the docs:

broken nose x2 deviated septum
pinkie finger right broken
5 ribs broken right side
collapsed lung right (that one hurt)
right elbow 5 pins and a plate
both clavicles broken
3 back surgeries: l4 -l5 lumbar surgery failed, blood patch, l4-5 redo surgery (they want to do a fusion next lol)
gunshot wound to the left abdomen

Just want the almighty to give me one day of riding without the wind lol, and I would be ok. Nothing like cranking with the wind on your back.