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Nice Pivot in today for a tune up, also had an iron man racer from the Isle of Mann (Mark Cavendish Country) come in with his Specialized Shiv. Will upload pics soon.



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Behold the Shiv...and new friend from the Isle Of Man.... Ironman!



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Funny thing, he was going to park the shiv outside the shop, I was like, are youa a crazzy?? (french accent added). He said we have this guy on the Isle of Man called Cavendish... I said oh you mean the manx missile?? lol. Totally cool dude.
Haha. Yeah, maybe at home on the island you can get away with parking your shiv disc outside the store, but not a good idea most places.

I bet Cavendish is super popular there being it's such a small place. They have the Isle of Man TT there too, for motorcycles, which is some insane riding.
Checking in, still riding, only 43 miles today. Super cold! My back is feeling it, they are going to do a spinal fusion soon. I will be out for like 4 months until I can ride again. Ride some miles for me fellas! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wow! Hope that goes good for you, @Voodoo 6. Four months may sound like a long time, but somehow it seems to go faster and I'm sure you'll be back in great form again before summer. I'm racking up the base miles here, but it's going to be mostly indoors on Zwift for a while.

Happy thanksgiving - and good luck!
Learned an important lesson today, been trying like 20 different gloves to keep the hands warm, today decided to wear surgical gloves under the gloves, really worked. I am liking this method.

Also testing out a tire liner, its basically 1/8 x 2 inch solid neoprene rubber strips I got off amazon, super flexible, for my tire (29 x 2.0) it take about 7 feet to line one tire. Its basically a Mr tuffy liner on steroids. So far it's working great. I am not a big fan of either tannus or Mr Tuffy, because our bike rentals were always coming back with flats. The rubber strips are also much cheaper than the for mentioned liners. Intentionally trying to get a flat, but so far, the 1/8 inch rubber is doing pretty well. Keep ya posted!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!
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Learned an important lesson today, been trying like 20 different gloves to keep the hands warm, today decided to wear surgical gloves under the gloves, really worked. I am liking this method.

Photography was a hobby of mine when I still lived in Europe, especially night photography. In winter, I used disposable laboratory gloves under my gloves, which worked really well. It's not easy to handle a camera with winter gloves, but not a problem with lab gloves. Handling a camera in winter with bare hands is a PITHands.
I also used plastic bags to protect my feet, to prevent them become wet and susceptible to the cold. Socks + plastic bag in my boots.
Howdy, hope you all are doing well and getting some good miles in. Finally got around to getting a strava account. I like how strava automatically uploads the GPS data from Garmin. Here is my link if you want to follow: https://www.strava.com/athletes/113833054. (I think you have to put it in the address bar instead of the search bar. If you all use Strava, link it in so I can add as friends if you wish.

It's been super windy here so riding when I can, but did get a treadmill for the bad weather days. Super surprised I could still run a few miles without dying lol.

Any who, stay safe and healthy, best wishes.

Plans for training didnt go as planned, pure laziness, lol. for the most part there was a couple other factors. Piggys revenge will be ignored. Was going to go and just do the 100 for fun but its not cost effective, "just for fun". Rode out in Croom today on the mountain bike. I bought a new gravel bike a few weeks ago its gnarly. Giant Revolt with a 2 x GRX group. Its really good looking fram as it looks either green or purple depending on how the sun hits it, just looks black sitting in the bike room. Very comfortable.
Congrat's on the new gravel bike, sicman!

I set up a Strava account some time ago, but haven't uploaded to it. Maybe I should connect it to my Garmin account and upload, but pretty much all my cold-season riding has been on the trainer on Zwift and it seems a bit odd to be uploading virtual rides to Stava.

I did take a peak at your Strava recent mileage though @Voodoo 6 and you're getting it done! How are things with your back, which was giving you trouble?