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Hi guys , just returned from my Mountain trail run. The Dryland Traverse.
4 Days of mountain trails.
We started on Thursday with a short prologue of 8km that starts inside the Cango Caves .
Friday was the big one over the Swartberg Mountains, 28 km.
Saturday was an easier 23km , mostly mountain foothills.
And Sunday an hilly 11km trail.
It is a excellent event with a tented race village that serves as finishing point every day and home for 280 runners for the 4 days.
All meals are served and shared by runners and staff in one big tent . That helps to build a really great vibe.http://drylandtraverse.co.za/route/
Just a few pics.






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 Something we found in the Green Swamp The Stewert homestead. There grandson and a friend rode in on a donkey and murdered them with a ax. He found out that gramps took his money out of the bank and he wanted it. He killed them while they were in bed. The bodies were found two weeks later and was covered with vultures. The boys recieved 20 years each. Ten years per murder.
There house. Inside there is a stump that was used for a chair with pieces of upholstery still on it. And a hole in the roof for the chimney. There is also some rusted bed springs in the woods near by. The side was believed to have been removed by the sheriff's so they could do there investigation in the very small home.



This was put there in 2002 by family members. Not sure why the death dates are different. Couldnt find any reason in my searches.