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contest Throwdown Throne

I see 4 cans of Schlitz, center, 1st shelf from the floor,
and 5 cans os Schlitz dark to the left.

Nice stash bro. You stocked up on Salt/snail bait?



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Congrats, Fiddy! Lots of creativity.

The Hot Pepper

JayT wins crown 5 for 5 de Mayo TD by 10 votes.

Go play the lottery you bastige! Congrats.
Good job bro. I know it was a lot of work, but you came out on top.

You deserve it.

Now back to your weenies!
Congrats J. Well deserved!

Sum sure made it interesting!!!!! Great fish dish!
Top quality TD, yet again, all around!!!!


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'Grats, Bro! I've been craving soup since you posted that..... :cheers: