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contest Throwdown Throne

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce said:
Conga rats JayT!

The Hot Pepper

The frydad4 took crown #6 in a tie-break, honorable mention goes to keybrdkid!
WOW!!! Thank you all!!!!
Only 4 of us cooked...what gives??? We should all get something for that! 

Here's to a better showing next month, around Independence Day!!!! :)
Thanks for the votes. 

Great entry KBK. It took cojones to rock all-veggie around here!
That kind of "sack" is crown-worthy in and of itself!!!
Well played, bro!
FD. #crown6 (hāshish-tãgg-krœūn-six)
and NO EGGS?!?! Maybe next time...
:clap:  KeyboardKid, LunchBox, and JayT.
JayToen't know how to read
JayTid'nt bother reading all those rules that carefully.
JayThrew Down anyway.
JayTid'nt get includided in the votintg
JayTis my hero.

The Hot Pepper

Scovie wins BIG with big flavors in the Extreme Burger Throwdown!
Triple Crown win!

The Hot Pepper

He won with eggs again... in the relleno batter.  :lol:
Best burger for sure, Scovie.
I'll take mine MR.
Congrats Scovie !
That was welldone ...planned !
A "Family Style" burger....if there was such a thing...it had everything. I looked back at your entry and a few others before voting. 
Great presentation.....you had the no way I'm gonna lose....plan happening. That was a royal crown finish !
frydad4 said:
Wait, what??? How'd scovie pull that off????
Exactly. ^^^
The good news? I have the bragging rights as the winner of The best Extreme Burger...
The bad news? I will have to defend that right in the future...

WTH happened today? The horse in front for the first half of the race NEVER wins. 3/5 had this in the bag I thought.
Well, it was a real fun TD this go around. I did my best to use ingredients/layers that went well together.... like a Mexican combo platter! on a stick!

Thank you all who graced me with your votes. It was a battle to say the least, and 3/5 King sure was a deserving winner. As was everyone of course, but this morning I thought he had this. What a great collection of burgers! who knew you could have flavors from all around the world on a burger, right here on THP??? BOOOM!

Special mention to RocketMan, who somehow missed the deadline??? I think he got called in to an undisclosed location to do some soldering! Just my speculation... lol
He put in a lot of work on his burger tho, and posted it here http://thehotpepper.com/topic/28606-burgers-hell-yeah/?p=850048
It would be cool if y'all checked it out!

Thank again everyone for a fun weekend, and all voters who took the time to check out the awesomenessicicityellness.