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Tinks' Will they won't they? glog

All the pepper seeds went in very late this year as the seedlings were cooked in the greenhouse. I did manage to save a couple of plants.
I cannot overwinter plants, no room in the house and greenhouse is unheated, temps drop very low in the winter and chilli plants wouldn't survive.
I grow as many plants as I can mainly for seed collecting for the following year and for making chilli pickle which I dish out among friends.
Apologies for photos, phone is shit and so is the camera on it. Hopefully this will give you a gist of what goes on chez Tink
I just need to figure out how to upload photos ;)

First off the veggie patch, again this is late and I only grow what we can use.

First pic - mini sweetcorn - never grown this before so it's experimental.
2nd - Ukrainian and sweet cherry tomato plants
3rd - couple of courgette plants - when in France grow courgettes, whether you like 'em or not


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You say ypour camera is crap, but I think your pictures are great.

Nice Glog



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Everything going well out there.
No flowers on superhots but they went in very late, so there's another couple of months to give them time to boogie.
Both the Limon and Lemon are doing OK, flowers and green peppers on both.
Cayennes, lots of green peppers coming now.
Black Hungarians, jalapenos, piri piri, espelettes, thai dragon, sparky and the unknown chucking out lots of peppers.
And the weedy one is picking up - still no idea what it is :lol:
I'm thinking of picking some of the green peppers off the Piri PIri and ripening on the window sill indoors to encourage more growth on the plant.
Photos to follow if I remember to charge the phone.
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my little weedy plant, picking up at long last - no idea what it is

No idea what these are either - came in a mixed bag free gift - difficult to tell what they are before they start producing

Nagas looking happy and healthy, no flowers yet

Cayennes flowering - got a few little peppers on there

Monster espelette pepper - they're all about this size

Thai dragon - waiting for them to ripen


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A little peppers.too early to tell what the
purple beauty is. Could be a Yaki BF, or
any of a number of purple foliage. the YBF
I have grown have been big, rangy plants
loaded with big pods. A real beauty, pods
ripening to a deep smoky red.

Whatever it is, it looks like a keeper!


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Been a while since I've updated this, I've been waiting for the peppers to ripen. So here we go


Habanero - I might actually get a ripe one eventually, maybe, sometime before Christmas

Black Hungarians, nice and ripe

Piri Piri - looking a bit sad, I watered and fed after the pic was taken

And since I moved the superhots into the greenhouse, they got a wiggle on too, waiting for a ripe one to show off to you all


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Alright, starting the final lap, Tink!

Good luck bringing the harvest home!