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Tinks' Will they won't they? glog

All the pepper seeds went in very late this year as the seedlings were cooked in the greenhouse. I did manage to save a couple of plants.
I cannot overwinter plants, no room in the house and greenhouse is unheated, temps drop very low in the winter and chilli plants wouldn't survive.
I grow as many plants as I can mainly for seed collecting for the following year and for making chilli pickle which I dish out among friends.
Apologies for photos, phone is shit and so is the camera on it. Hopefully this will give you a gist of what goes on chez Tink
I just need to figure out how to upload photos ;)

First off the veggie patch, again this is late and I only grow what we can use.

First pic - mini sweetcorn - never grown this before so it's experimental.
2nd - Ukrainian and sweet cherry tomato plants
3rd - couple of courgette plants - when in France grow courgettes, whether you like 'em or not


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Some more chilli porn, as my partner calls it - he just doesn't understand :lol:

This is the best season I've ever had for sweet peppers

One of the gnarlys I've got growing in the greenhouse - I'm sort of fascinated and frightened of it at the same time :lol:

Habanero - I've probably got about another 6 weeks of warm-ish weather, still time for a ripening

These seeds came from a "mystery" pack - I think they're sangria, but if you know any different, tell me

Again mystery seeds, but after a lot of research (googling) I think they're Vietnamese Ot Hiem (which would make sense being in France)
That black Pearl will be just beautiful when it ripens up.
The ones I have grown have been loaded with clusters
of shiny black and red pods, like little marbles. The growth
habit is interesting, as well. The pods set at each node
before the branches grow out from that node. Looks like
that is happening with your specimen, as well.

Hands down my favorite ornamental, makes pretty good
powder or flakes, but too seedy to enjoy as a snacker.
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Let's put it this way - not as tall as yours.
about 1m high :lol:
I didn't know what it was until it started producing so didn't take much notice of it :oops:
In my back yard, the peppers seem to tolerate down to
45˚F (about 7˚C) as long as the days are decent and on the
dry side. Once the Fall showers start, they don't handle
the cool dampness very well. At that point, it's into the
greenhouse for a few lucky plants :DWe are at 45˚N latitude
here, sort of protected from some of the weather by hills and
mountains. The wilds seem to do better than the c. chinenses.
C. bacctums do okay as well.