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Tinks' Will they won't they? glog

All the pepper seeds went in very late this year as the seedlings were cooked in the greenhouse. I did manage to save a couple of plants.
I cannot overwinter plants, no room in the house and greenhouse is unheated, temps drop very low in the winter and chilli plants wouldn't survive.
I grow as many plants as I can mainly for seed collecting for the following year and for making chilli pickle which I dish out among friends.
Apologies for photos, phone is shit and so is the camera on it. Hopefully this will give you a gist of what goes on chez Tink
I just need to figure out how to upload photos ;)

First off the veggie patch, again this is late and I only grow what we can use.

First pic - mini sweetcorn - never grown this before so it's experimental.
2nd - Ukrainian and sweet cherry tomato plants
3rd - couple of courgette plants - when in France grow courgettes, whether you like 'em or not


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