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Tinks' Will they won't they? glog

All the pepper seeds went in very late this year as the seedlings were cooked in the greenhouse. I did manage to save a couple of plants.
I cannot overwinter plants, no room in the house and greenhouse is unheated, temps drop very low in the winter and chilli plants wouldn't survive.
I grow as many plants as I can mainly for seed collecting for the following year and for making chilli pickle which I dish out among friends.
Apologies for photos, phone is shit and so is the camera on it. Hopefully this will give you a gist of what goes on chez Tink
I just need to figure out how to upload photos ;)

First off the veggie patch, again this is late and I only grow what we can use.

First pic - mini sweetcorn - never grown this before so it's experimental.
2nd - Ukrainian and sweet cherry tomato plants
3rd - couple of courgette plants - when in France grow courgettes, whether you like 'em or not


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It's been a while since my last confession - so here's a quick update

Espelettes still in the garden, we have expected temperatures in the mid- to low-20s so I'm happy for them to stay out for a bit longer in the hope that they'll ripen up, if not they can go in the cowboy candy

Purple jalapeno

Sweet peppers - happy accident these

And my optimistic, accidental tomato plant - that's what happens when you use your own compost :lol:
Hah I forgot the peppers in the jungle, that is the greenhouse - think I need a bigger greenhouse

not sure what this is it was given to me but it's doing pretty well considering the state it was in when I adopted it

Naga - still waiting for it to ripen (the story of my life)

Reapers, they got there in the end

Jamaicans - there's a fair few of these babies

Fatali - quite a few pods but none showing signs of ripening

Habs - these did really well, fat and juicy pods

and lastly the Kashmiri Mirch *sigh*
It is with much regret that I harvested the last of chilli peppers today 😭 I'm going to miss worrying, nurturing, worrying - rinse and repeat :D
I do have a couple of Kashmiri in the greenhouse that I'm still waiting to ripen
So onto the last harvest

Not sure what these are, about the same heat as a jalapeno - was a present from a friend and she couldn't remember what they were called, whatever it is/was it is has been very prolific

The jalapeno - this was just from one plant, this year has been amazing

Espelettes, so prolific - these are going in the cowboy candy - think I might need a bigger jar for the candy

Purple jalapeno - just kept on giving those peppers

This was the first year I've grown superhots - I nearly fainted from the fumes while de-seeding the Reaper, had to keep putting my head outside to get some air, this was while wearing goggles, face mask and double gloves, that thing is a beast - but the smell was incredible
Same with the fatali, not quite as strong as the reaper, but oh my goodness the smell was fantastic.
I haven't had a nibble of these 2 yet but I will - if you don't hear from me again you know what's happened :lol:

While I'm finishing off this glog - I want to thank all of you for the invaluable information, encouragement and good humour that you've given me these last few months.
Let's do it all again next year :dance:

PS. I asked "Will they? Won't they?" at the start of this glog - THEY DID!
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Glad your pepper growing experience was so
great this season, Tink! Enjoy the fruits of your
labour this winter.
Congrats on a very fruitful year Tink!

Whatcha gonna do with your bounty?

Looking forward to your adventures next season.
hubba hubba just made Cowboy Candy, I think I'm going to like it. Used up 3lbs mixed espelette and jalapenos - had a quick taste of the leftover syrup and boy, oh boy, it's going to be hot and sour and sweet and delicious
Looks delicious. Did you use any particular recipe?
I've syrup left over that I'm going to put on my cheese & red onion pitta for lunch :D

@MarcV I used this recipe as recommended by skullbiker :D

doubled it up and added a pinch of salt and 1/2 tsp of ground ginger - it made 2 x 3/4 litre jars
At last - PaulG you were right the Kashmiri came good in the greenhouse

Also a last burst from the Bishops Crown (I think)

And this one could possibly be an orange rocoto?? (if anyone knows differently please let me know) - another one from the surprise bag of seeds