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Found it! Thanks Boss!

I'm still complaining about orange groves going missing 25 years ago. Lol
@Demented forget about the gloves, it looks like you have a robot stalker. 😄

After you upload pics you can click "Insert" to place them in your post, full size, or thumbnail. After inserting, you can also click to resize them by dragging the corners if needed.

Old internal links now forward to their respective destinations. For example, if you see @PaulG's glog here, he has old links which were dead after the launch. Now, all old links forward, so no need to edit them.
Q&A is enabled. Forgot to mention it in the original post. If you have a question, when you compose your post, choose the Question tab. This will allow up/downvoting of each reply (answer) and you can mark one as the answer if solved. Some forums are Question only so it's automatic; Identification, The Food Biz.
You done good Boss.

Any way to mark a thread as "Read"? I've been looking for a few days and can't find anything like that.
At the top of a forum there will be a Mark Read button which wall mark all the threads in that forum, if that helps. The way to mark a thread read is to click it, then it is read.
Is it Monday? Kinda feels like Monday around here today..
What about dude getting his "d" cut off? Doesn't anyone care about that?!
The Horror!!
@DownRiver does that answer or are you trying to do something more specific?

We used to be able to right-click on a thread and mark it Read. That way I don't have to open it, and it disappears from the New Content list. No big deal tho. If that's the worst thing outta this upgrade you deserve a medal lol. Diggin a lot of the new features.
Its right next to the "New Posts" upper middle, easy to use and find "Mark it read" or are you specific to one thread only?
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Its right next to the "New Posts" upper middle, easy to use and find "Mark it read" or are you specific to one thread only?

Yes, down at the thread level. There are threads out there that are active, but I'm not interested in the topic. I used to just mark them Read and they no longer showed up as having new content, or Modified. I think that was the terminology of the old system. It's been so long ago lol, I have forgotten! Like I said, no biggie.
It already does if it has new posts.
Same as before actually.

If you want to get to the most recent post and it has already been read, click the timestamp from the last post column.
Is there any way to get the 'unread posts' (or view new content or whatever it was called) button back, please. Then new post feature just doesn't work the same.
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