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How come when I open up some threads I get a pop up ad on the bottom of the page, and others I don't?

Only just started seeing them today
I cannot express my hatred for this fetish of "fixing what's not broken" shit which plagues every aspect of modern society enough. It is now near impossible to find the thread you want, coz of giant pics of the OP, rather than a sensible list according to the last post, and then, when you are fortunate enough to find your desired thread, when you click on it, it takes you to first page from 10 decades ago, and thus it is another mission to find the last page of the thread, with the page counter hidden well down in the left hand corner at the bottom of the 20 post long page. Trying to find the drunken thread, but no luck, the clusterfuck of huge pics from 1850 makes it oh so convenient to find. And I can't tell if I am editing this post or quoting my own self, because the edit function looks as if you are actually quoting.
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Yeah, progress can be a bitch.....especially for a few. Thankfully, in these modern times, you have the choice to embrace change or reject it and move on to something you find more palatable. Ultimately, the choice is yours. :cheers:
If you click a thread and are brought to the beginning it means there have been no new posts since you last read it. If there is a new post since you last read it, you will be brought to the unread post. This is the same exact behavior as before. The only difference is, when the forum was updated, it wiped out all the read data (which is expected), so yes, you may encounter old threads that have "unread" posts, but if they were unread before the update, they will be treated as read. As soon as you see someone post in one, you will see, you will be brought to the new post, if, you read if beforehand after the update. In other words the system will correct itself over time.
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So I wanted to use the new site a good amount of time before I made my comments.
I really like it! I especially use the "new posts" bottom a lot!

But there is something I don't like or perhaps I just can't find a way to turn it off.
Im a professional lurker in the glogs department of the site, and since the new update I can't keep track of new content as good as I could before. I wish there was an option to show glogs, like in the old way.

After this change I mostly only follow glogs that I have followed, which is a shame because there's so many great growers on this site.

So is there an option im just missing?
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Go to Glogs and click Watch. Then check off if you want alerts and/or emails for new threads only or new threads and replies.

I really like the new The Hot Pepper! Bravo! 👏

I usually do well in my account settings, but today I tried to edit my signature and I didn't find this option.
Boss, please show me where you put this!
This signature appears in my account and I can neither delete nor modify it.
I don't think it should show up there anymore if it can't be edited or deleted.
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