So, yesterday I was searching around in the shelves in the basement looking for something to eat for lunch. Then, BINGO, I saw it.........good old SPAM. I decided, time for some SPAM, cheese, and crackers, with a dollop of my hot sauce on each one.




By the way..........did I say OLD SPAM???


Yep, I ate half the can yesterday and did not die, so I ate the other half today for lunch.

It was good.

Keep in mind the military used to have tons of this stuff in warehouses for years.
Back in the day I tore up some single servings of spam. They carried them at a some local store and you could get regular, low sodium or turkey. Turkey was my favorite and I'd be all fucted up and fry up a piece and make a sandwich. I would pimp that thang so hard police be knocking at my door.
Back when i was a kid.....and that's a long time ago....we would run home from school  at lunch time and mom would make us a fried spam and cheese sammich and a bowl of Campbell chicken was totally friggin good.........and know I think its been 50 years or more since  I have had any spam.....not my thing anymore. :lol: :lol: :lol:
skullbiker said:
It is quite awesome(since it was made by me)! The taste of that with the whole wheat crackers, SPAM, and cheese was quite tasty. I am only sorry that I was out of PepperJack cheese because then it would have been even better![emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji39]
I know the feeling.
Great hot sauce , anything to eat just to get that hot sauce into your mouth.