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Rajun Gardener said:
Hell Yeah, that's comfort food from waay back.
What's up THP? 
I fancy myself a devotee of Spam. My palette is highly refined to where I can appreciate the flavor nuances that permeate this canned meat product with a half life. I feel bad for those lacking this unique gift bestowed upon so few such as myself.
You can include me in that few that appreciate this porky treat!


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Sizzle Lips said:
Back when i was a kid.....and that's a long time ago....we would run home from school  at lunch time and mom would make us a fried spam and cheese sammich and a bowl of Campbell chicken was totally friggin good.........and know I think its been 50 years or more since  I have had any spam.....not my thing anymore. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I can be pretty sure SPAM wants you back!

Sizzle Lips

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skullbiker said:
I can be pretty sure SPAM wants you back!

Not sure if that will ever happen!!! :lol: :lol:
I made some a while back and might have to make more since Ya'll brought it up except with some of the recommendations from the thread.
A teriyaki SPAM and scrambled egg musubi is killer!
But you don't need to buy a mold.
Ono grinds.
I grew up in a military family.
I've eaten a lot of SPAM.
And love to be loving it.
Fried SPAM egg and cheese tacos.
Are the sheeit!
An outstanding vehicle for splooging.
Maximum hot sauce.
So is a toasted SPAM cheese tomato avocado ranch.
Even mrs. blues.
Loves to be loving SPAM.
Whitekeys Fly By Night joint.
On Spenard in Anchorage.
Was heavy on SPAM for the menu.
SPAM nachos anyone?
I ate them.
While Gatemouth Brown was tearing the joint down.
What a performance.
Here's Whitekeys.
Here be a tip.
Rip off the top of the can
Poke a hole in the bottom.
And watch it birth.
It'll make sick sucking sounds.
As it exits the tin womb.
No umbilical cord to bite and sever.
Now slice and dice.
Fry it up.
Or eat it raw.
Like a neanderthal.
stettoman said:
Spamburgers last night.
Where are these mythical spamburgers?
Where are the photographs?
Of this SPAM Sasquatch. 
We need evidence.
Or Congressional hearings will begin.
And Subpoenas.
Given out like candy.
Tastes so good.
But so not good for you.
Like marrying.
Your Kentucky cousin.
skullbiker said:
So, yesterday I was searching around in the shelves in the basement looking for something to eat for lunch. Then, BINGO, I saw it.........good old SPAM. I decided, time for some SPAM, cheese, and crackers, with a dollop of my hot sauce on each one.




By the way..........did I say OLD SPAM???


Yep, I ate half the can yesterday and did not die, so I ate the other half today for lunch.

It was good.

Keep in mind the military used to have tons of this stuff in warehouses for years.
I'd eat it , it'll last for years 
moruga welder said:
I'd eat it , it'll last for years 
Not as long.
As a Hostess Twinkie.
I care not.
I'll eat SPAM.
When I like.
How I like.
I don't have.
A SPAM pic to post.
My fellow THP ers'. 
Is truly a sin.
I reckon.
I need to steal.
Some of mrs. blues.
SPAM stash.
But its probably locked up.
In a metal box.
In a submarine.
At the bottom of the ocean.
Along with her got dang.
Kraft Mac n'Cheese..
I swear.
This woman.
I love her more than air.
She has her own food.
I can go African Hyena.
And steal a bite.
Of her chicken enchilada casserole.
But thats about it.