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What are these fat boys?

Hi Guys,

Found these last night in a lil fruit n veg joint on the far side of town. Never seen em before, they're wicked tho. Unfortunately the folks in the store didn't know what they were, they kind of looked at me blankly when i asked.

Heat rating of only about 4 or 5, but they're so juicy, crunchy n fresh tasting :) Thick walled, and have a light fresh capsican sort of taste. Been trying to work out what they are... anybody got any idea? I thought maybe the ball chilli?

I am SOOO gonna grow these guys now that i have em! Stoked! All shiny n glossy... a good find.

they kinda look like a "Ball chili" as you said before. and the discription kinda matches also.
Cherry hey?... but aren't cherry peppers supposed to grow up, n not hang down like these seem to do? Also, they are a bit bigger than what i would have thought cherry peppers to be. There was a bigger one in the store that i didn't buy cuz looked a lil old (going soft in spots). It was easily 25% bigger again than the biggest in the picy. The biggest i bought (2nd from left) is 26 grams (0.9 onces)...

Also, i thought cherry peppers were hot? These are only about 4 or 5?

Scorpion, i got em from a small fruit n veg joint in North Perth. Located on view street, opposite the Coles which sits behind the Rosemont hotel on Fitzgerald St.
How weird is this, i went into another store today and randomly there's the same fat lil chilli's sitting there lookin at me. They were labeled "Chilli Ball Pepper".

I guess that means whats called Ball Pepper here in Oz is simply a type of cherry pepper. Case solved :) yey
Chile Bola have much thinner flesh than the pods you've got there. When they dry out they're called Cascabel (little rattle)cos the seeds fall off the membrane and rattle when shook.