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favorite What's your favorite Louisiana-Style hot sauce?

The Hot Pepper

and... GO!


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Franks has to be near the top, but i usually just pour all the hot sauces into one big bottle. Tabasco top tier, all those in the pic are on my shelf. Franks is subtle, Tabasco will introduce itself itself right away. Love them all!

Well, a Louisiana hot sauce should be MADE in Louisiana, right, ;)? That leaves Frank's out. I'd go with Louisiana, Crystal, or Tabasco - in no particular order. Given a choice of these three, I'd say it depends on what I'm putting it on. Louisiana for greens, Crystal for fried foods, and Tabasco for pizza.
Crystal all around, though never have had the Louisiana brand sauce. It was on the shelf at Dollarland for $1.25, think I'll try it. Some of the Tabasco flavored sauces are quite good but not just pepper only based.
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Louisiana all day everyday! I like Tabasco, but only on fried eggs and hash browns. Cajun chef and Texas Pete will do in a pinch. Red hot is for wings only imo. Crystal didn't have the vinegar bite that I like from what I remember. Haven't tried any others.
Well, a Louisiana hot sauce should be MADE in Louisiana, right, ;)?
Nah, as long as it follows the canons of the style it's Louisiana-style. Aged red peppers with vinegar and limited spices (sometimes just salt, sometimes garlic or onion). Think of those Italian style tomatoes you buy that are not from Italy, lol.
No it is not limited to that pic. I love Elijah's Xtreme sauces! I remember when he (Elijah) started the company at age 14 with his dad. I also love their reels about how they ship their packages and customer requests. 😂