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favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

Hang in there Walt, life throws a few curve balls every so often. Its up to us to dodge them and keep on truckin brotha. Good luck on growing out that flexy. If you need another box of heat just let me know, will get one put together for you.

Im really hoping for a pod off of this plant... As of this day, not one blossom has stayed. All have shriveled up and fell off...

Praying this one doesn't fall off
Edit: I just looked at the last few posts on this thread... particularly the colorful eye-feast of red fruit and purple-starred white flowers (post#887). Breathtaking. Somehow, these bright colors even make the deep green fruit-stems look like they're in a still photograph of objects in eager motion. Thank you, Prodigal Son.
Although i intended to post my own question, i'd have to be as gauche as a drunken oaf at a wedding party if i didn't backtrack a bit... and appreciate some of the posts made lately on this thread.

KitKat745 said:
It is early and I haven't tasted any peppers yet, but the CGN 24360 pepper is an amazing little plant. I have a few of them in small pots and they are doing very well. The plant is maybe a foot tall and even though it is only June, there are several pods that have set and tons of buds/flowers - I stopped counting at 60. According to pepperlover.com, it produces tiny yellow pods but mine are still only green at this point. One of its best characteristics is that it is tough as nails. It didn't droop when being transplanted, when the cat flipped the pot over, nothing broke off and it just keeps growing. It grows dark and healthy, produces buds and flowers like none other this year and hasn't dropped any flowers yet.
CGN 24360 is really compact and would do great for somebody in an apartment or with limited space. I imagine when the small yellow pods are ripe on the plant it will be decorative as well since it isn't lanky or weedy.
Definitely one of my new favorites. If anyone recalls the taste of the pods, I would be curious what they're like since I anticipate dealing with a lot of them soon...
Does anyone have more information on this variety? Pros and cons of growing CGN 24360 indoors, under artificial light, are one of my fallback strategies for producing fruit this year. Any data anyone offers could really help.
I'm a pepper newbie, with about 4 decades of hobby gardening, indoors and out. Any offhand observation, any highbrow text references appreciated. Any data.

I got "infected" with wilds only recently. Except the whole thing is platonic as I can't seem to get my hands on any. It's hard to start out when I have none to share myself. So I adore them from the distance, for now. Especially flexuosum  :rofl:
Hi cathysocool, I know that there is one or two pepper groups up your way, that might have a few that might get you interested, I'm sure that some one here might also have some to share, also I don't know if Judy at Pepperlovers.com mails as far as Sweden, but you can ask.  She has some interesting wild varieties along with a long list of other peppers.
Thanks to a great gift from prodigal_son my wild list for 2015 has grown very nicely. Hopefully I can be successful with them as I'm really excited to give all the new ones (to me) a try. My updated wild list for next year-
CAP 215 - pepperlover
CGN 19198 - pepperlover
Cumari pollux - pepperlover
"Most prolific" C. Chacoense - pepperlover
C. Galapagoense-prodigal_son
C. Lanceolatum-prodigal_son
Cumari do para-prodigal_son
Anyone heard from Nigel, I have posted him several times, but have not heard back from him, Hope he is OK, Just wanted let him know about what is going on with me and I will be gone most of January and possibly into Feb. I will have people come over and make sure my plants I'm overwintering are OK. My Start off time is messed up,  as I will be late getting what seeds I have started but I will be overwintering almost all of my wilds. 
Anyone heard from Nigel, I have posted him several times 

no I sent him a message on the 23 December and I don't receive nothing for now :unsure: