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  • Dani just scored a job in Dallas with an HVAC company. Houston we are go ...I say GO for gettin' teh hell out of teh big dry ditch! See you soon enough Ronnie. It'll be my treat at the LoveShack.
    Dear AJ,
    Thanks for the Bhut seeds. Even if my success rate is 50%, I will not have any more problems getting my Bhuts thanks to you.
    Thanks buddy. I owe you one.
    thanks SH...the only seed starting stuff I have used over the past 3 years is Hoffmans Seed Starting Mix...
    as far as a master goes...I just like to grow peppers and try to read everything I can find on the subject...there are growers on the forum that I can't hold a candle too when it comes to growing...
    I don't think that I could find the thread now, but it was posted somewhere that you were using them. I should have come back to you on that one.
    I respect your chili wisdom tremendously, definitely one of the masters.
    you are welcome...I am just trying these things myself, but since Thurday, I notice a definite difference in the growth of the seedlings...they are loving it...
    I just ordered a 90 watt UFO 5 band LED grow light to try out this season. Thanks, for the tip.
    Hey Brian...I do remember you...welcome back...
    Pablo, my man...glad the wild waco tepins are working out for you...agree they are mighty tasty...Pablos children are doing well...we had a hotter than normal summer this year and I didn't get to harvest any until late November...but they were very hot to say the least...this coming year 2011 will be their fourth generation from the...
    Hi Ronnie,
    The wild tepins from waco are excellent and extremely hardy,hot little buggers too.
    Thanks again AJ.
    I hope you are doing well in your retirement,dont get fat!
    How have your pablo seeds evolved the last couple of seasons?
    Hey AJ! How goes it? Been awhile since I have been online. You may not remember me its been so long LOL
    Great guy, I would do business with him anytime. He is straight-forward, honest, and one funny dude. I hope I can make it out to the Fiery foods show. -Johnny
    You have inspired me. Drinking a Defcon Zero spiked Bloody Mary right now.
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