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  • Oh trust me i will. And no worries about the wrong address part. I'm just glad what i did worked. Take care and Cheers!
    I GOT 'EM I GOT 'EM!!!!

    Thank you so much AJ. I opened the Bhut Jolokia one at work today and lit 5 people(including myself) up. And FYI, after you and i spoke last week i went online to the USPS and put a forwarding address in from my old address to my current one and set it to go into effect immediately.
    night pops :D you might want to keep an eye on the 'new aj' he seems um... interesting?? off to bed so i'll catch ya tomorrow :D
    Too late. Tales of the loo are beginning already. Feels just like when I ate a whole one. Oh I guess that's probably about how much I had last night huh?
    Holy Shite AJ!!!! I just got your package and opened the first jar. It turned out to be the Scorpion. I spooned out probably a teaspoon on a piece of ham. Ate it. Probably about six bites. After the first two I had to shovel the rest in and WHAM!!! Nose is running, huffing and puffing, sweating. Man is that HOT! Can't wait to try the rest, but have to wait until tomorrow as it's bed time. Thanks pal.
    How did you get your meter in your sig? You have like a total of 10 lines and i keep getting an error message saying only 4 is allowed? I need your secret man! :lol:
    I have no idead about time zones, it is 9:43 am here.
    I agree, DickT is a great bloke.
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