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  • Hey Grant
    Massive thank-you those seeds arrived today. . I can't wait to get some going. Will keep you posted about how they go.
    Are there any particular varieties you are looking for or need seeds for at the moment?
    Hey bro sending you a Turkey bottle full of the YOJR today via express post. Keep ya eyes open. :)
    Yes sir i am, however i never get on there. Too busy with other stuff :)
    Just got the galapagoense seeds bro cheers, you must have been wasted when did the addy :lol: it's all wonky like mw hahaha
    How the hell is your rep neutral? Anyway these are just about to hit the post office. Bih Jolokia, Nagabon (naga x bonnet-tested at 850,000 shu, hippy exclusive)Kempsey Red (Chinense but not much info at all, hippy) and Red Savina (can't remember seeing that on your list, seeds direct from hippy)
    Have a great one bro!
    Hey mate, im just about to start a thread pretty much gloating about the varieties i scored from hippy tonight. If there is ANYTHING that you want just say so. Cheerio!
    Hey Jungle if you haven't sent my seeds out yet is there any chance you could throw in some seeds from the T Scorp you posted on here?
    Hey mate pm your mobile number if possible its the only way i can show you a pic of these dorset x tabasco pods when hippy sends me the pic. :-)
    Hi Grant
    Thanks for the Christmas Card. Your seeds came in today, what an awesome edition to my grow list. I will be kicking off the season in a few more weeks. I'm shooting for 500 plants, mostly all super-hots. I'll harvest a lot more seeds to share with the group. I learn of this forum after the season was long gone. I am still a little at awe with all the types and variat...
    Hey Grant, we were told Sunny was a Green Grey when we got her a couple of years ago, she looks more of an old tennis ball color to me. She's a good girl, loves me a little more than my wife but she is good with both of us. You had some ringnecks so you probably know what they are like, she lives for getting patted and loves attention.
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