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  • Jungle!!! you are the man!!! i never even heard of the other types of bhut's man you really made my day week month year appreciate it, will post of those puppies thanx a million you are the sheet!!
    Hey Rainy i forgot to tell you that the sauce has naga infused vodka in it as well. :)
    I cant believe that some asshat would poison a beautiful dog like that. Looked like quite a healthy and well bred dog.
    He's my big boy, a Dobermann he has his ears cropped He was as big as a Rotty, lost him a few years back, some bastard poisoned him :( still miss him. Had him for 11 yrs....
    Hey mate that is one good looking dog you have in your avator, exactly what breed is it?
    Hey mate...Im going well! Good to see you here! Its a great source of info from a bunch of very friendly crazy people!...Check out my new label in the industry announcement section.....not sure about it hey...sorry for doubling up messages!
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