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  • hey... did you get my email? No rush on the order, just wondering if it went through?
    Hey Grant i recieved the yellow bhut seeds toay mate, thankyou very much :) Now has the post office got a new hammer smashing machine that the envelopes have to go through first these days?! Out of those five seeds it looks as though only two will be viable. Stupid asshats need to get their shit together :D:lol: Two will do though as i only need a couple of plants to get some more seeds~

    Thanks again mate ;)
    Got the seeds today Grant. Thanks very much. I will keep you updated.

    All the best, Chris
    Hi.... The seeds arrived yesterday. I am thrilled about them and can't wait to get them going. Thank you for contacting me about trading. Dave
    Man seeds arrived today and thank you!Let me know when you get mine .Have a great yr and take care. Rich
    I should have some seeds dry in a couple of days so if you want totrade for red 7pot seeds we will do it , let me know!!
    Thanks for the friend request.... Be very, very quiet. The wifey is sleeping and she thinks I'm up late looking at porn....... If she catches me doing this she'll think I'm not normal........
    Choc Jolokia is finally in some dirt, really excited havent planted the others yet still need more pots and soil but just planted the chocolate jolokia yesterday so will definately put some pics up of yuor babies and again thank you soo much.
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