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  • Un felice Santo Natale ed un prosperoso nuovo anno a te e alla tua famiglia.
    A happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and your family.
    Got excited and already planted a few seeds from you! I will let you know when I got some good pics... (theres still no growing action yet).. xo thanks again you the best xo!
    Hey Grant
    They are going good thanks. I think they are about to flower. I gave one to Micca as well as he didn't have much luck with germinating them. Can't wait for pods!
    Hows your plants going? producing yet?
    Thanks everyone, yes Sri, been back almost 2 months with a few nice Thai Varieties I found over there
    Hi Grant,
    The seeds just arrived, thanks very much for the great selection of seeds. 2011 is gonna be great for me. The growing season here is coming to an end slowly fall is two months away so next year. Can't wait.
    Will keep you informed!
    Hey JR, Neil says that you have to buy a truckload of those shrink thingies, he suggested to contact Tony from Antjan sauces as he bought a truckload and was wanting to get rid of some.
    hey jr just printed off you trade list... 12 pages!!!!! you have a hell of a lot of peppers. will be ordering on pay day!
    Hey just an admirer of your growing. How's the Bhut x White Hab doin? I'm always impressed at the stuff you have.
    Oh yeah i will send some sauce too, forgive the bottle it is sterile but i didn't manage to remove all the sticky from the lable ;)
    Hey JR, meant to message you the other day and say thanks for the seeds mate, a very nice selection you made up for me indeed. Your jerky has been made and should go out tomorrow if my memory serves me as it should :D Should blow your frakin head off too the stuff i marinated it in then "dusted" some naga powder on. Thx mate
    Hey! just got the seeds you sent me! thanks. Boy that was quick. The seeds i bought over a month ago from asiasgarden hasn't even arrived yet and yours are here a lot earlier than expected!
    Thanks again!
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