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Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

Hey y'all looking through the sacred THP scrolls it is apparent that most awesome of foods is sorely neglected. That's right chidren's, I'm talkin' about BURGERS!! Sliders. Pub burgers. Fast food style burgers. Gastro burgers. Cheffy burgers. CHEESEBURGERS!!! Single and double meat. Triple meat. Extreme burgers. Man vs. Food burgers....the list is endless but y'all get the idea.

We won't go into the endless arguments of who created the first hamburger (Fletcher Davis) or what meat qualifies as a burger. Nonetheless....here are the rules for posting in this soon to be awesome thread:

1. Any meat goes. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, rat, fish. Whatever, hunt it down and kill it with a knife. Its all good and I've included the options other than the traditional beef so all the kids can play in the pool. If its ground and round, its all good.

2. The damn 'thang has to be between 2 slices of bread or bun. White bread. Brioche. Sourdough. English muffin. Whole wheat. Its got to be bready. No wrap crap or wild pizza dough like chingaderra's.

3. Any cooking method goes. Grilled. Broiled. Griddled. Steamed. Deep fried. Zippo lighter.

4. Because I love to ridicule to no end tree hugging granola wimps and hippy's.....
Veggie burgers are all good. Just be prepared for the woe and gnashing of teeth and smack talk that will soon come if you post it. It will be all in fun and all good.

5. You suck at cooking? The only thing that would suck more is if you posted pics of your restaurant burger. For the sake of keeping the comedy rolling...
Any burger you didn't cook or you bought is allowed and is all good. Warning: while allowed, posting pics of BK burgers or their ilk with a splash of tabasco will bring upon you the most ridicule and insults. Even more than a veggie burger!

6. Chile's and/or hotsauce is mandatory on the burger. ON the burger, no crap on the side.

7. Pics are mandatory. No posting about a burger you made or ate without pics. You will suffer extreme ridicule and experience much loathing. Just don't do it.

8. Include a list of condiments and toppings. Mayo. Mustard. Onions. Cheese. Extract of male baboon spermatazoa. Whatever. Post it.

There it is y'all. Can you get down brown with it? Allrighty then...


Here's mine. Sliders. 80/20 ground chuck from Matador Meat Market, Frisco, Tx. Cooked over fine diced yellow onions in cast iron using the smash technique. Toasted Pepperidge Farm slider buns with mustard, the onions, dill pickle and jalapeno pickle slices. Kraft brand American Plastic Cheese.


Adult beverages are encouraged in the pics but not mandatory. Dig that awesome cast iron crust sear!


So bring on your burgers. And that means those damn Aussie's and their stinkin' beet root too!!


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teriyaki ... seems to be a theme this weekend ... got any sazon (or other msg?) ...  pineapple teriyaki sliders ...
thirdcoasttx said:
*sigh* I haven't posted here in a while, and I was planning on making some epic sliders. Wife went to the store I specifically wrote on the list 90/10 "BEEF" this is what she comes home with...

What the hell am I supposed to do with that?
the correct response when given pork instead of beef, is cheering! ;) :party:

The Hot Pepper

thirdcoasttx said:
If it was bacon I might be happy but ground pork???? I've never seen such a thing
LOL how have you never seen ground pork???????????????
thirdcoasttx said:
If it was bacon I might be happy but ground pork???? I've never seen such a thing
Ever body knows that Texas is all about the beef and bein' you're down in Corpus
there probably ain't much call for ground pork down there.
Corpus is pretty much seafood, Tex-Mex, fajita's, bbq, and burger joints.
In fact Whataburger used to have their HQ in Corpus, but now reckon they're in San Antone.
I remember when Whataburger used to be good.
I also remember when Snoopy's used to be good too.
Ahhhhh memories.
Back to the ground pork.
Myself well....si senor! I'd make pork sliders out of it.
I'd probably mojoficate 'em a little bit too and go chorizo style seasonings.
Chorizo sliders.
Got damn.
I said GOT DAMN!!!
If'n you don't make 'em then I sure as hell will later this week.
I might to have my ma knit me a chorizo slider freak flag and fly it.